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My AAA horror story

Posted Mon November 30, 2009 3:22 pm, by Richard B. written to AAA National Headquarters

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Without a lot of detail, I had a flat tire at 7:30 this morning on the way to work. I immediately called AAA. The truck finally showed up after 9 am. The flat was fixed and I was on my way. About 2-3 miles later, the spare tire went flat. Again. I called immediately, thinking that the guy who had just changed my flat could take care of my new problem. The next 3 hours consisted of people at AAA not knowing where I was, getting the wrong towing company multiple times, and AAA asking ME why the original towing company didn't tow my car! Finally, after noon, and not only wasting a day of work and a vacation day, a tow truck showed up. The total time spent waiting for AAA was close to 5 hours.

I would hope this is an aberration and not the norm now for AAA. I would appreciate AAA giving me a complimentary year to make up for my lost work and lost vacation day. I have already told the people at Sam's Club about my experience and will continue to do so. If AAA can't do something to get me back as a customer, I'll be happy to join the next offer I get for Roadside Assistance.


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by Justin S. Posted Tue December 1, 2009 @ 12:51 PM

I am from AAA National Member Relations. I apologize for negative
experience you had. We strive to provide premium roadside assistance
service, but obviously your experience was not representative of that
goal. If you would allow me the opportunity to lodge a formal
complaint with the AAA Club, I would very much appreciate the chance
to restore your faith and trust in AAA. If you could please provide me
with your membership. Thank you!
Justin S.



You need to strive harder. by SEB67 Wed August 22, 2012 @ 4:23 PM

by olie Posted Mon November 30, 2009 @ 9:54 PM

Did you send them your GPS coordinates? Were you able to accurately
describe your new location?

If I had a second flat within 2-3 miles after the first--I could be a
lot of places. For example, it's 3.6 miles from my work site to our
local public high school(where I may have to go during work hours).
There's not a clearly obvious route. There are quite a few routes I
could take.

I know that I probably would be lost when it comes to actually
changing a tire. I could locate the spare, and probably put it next
to the flat. But unless I had an hour, I probably couldn't jack up
the vehicle or remove the lug nuts or properly replace the spare. I
don't fault you for relying on a pro.

But I *do* know to make my spouse check my spare regularly, and to
limp along until I can get a full replacement. Many auto manufacturers
save weight by putting in a smaller temporary spare, not the
full-sized one.

For a spare, I wouldn't think that a tow was necessary. But,
really--if you'd made it to work, wouldn't your annual fee be worth
the price? You wouldn't even be writing this letter if your spare had
been a full-sized replacement. Or if you'd driven properly on the
smaller temporary spare.


no excuses by Brian A. Thu February 9, 2012 @ 2:15 PM

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