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Mini-CD System Powerless!

Posted Fri November 29, 2002, by Allison K. written to Aiwa America

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I wanted to bring a problem to your attention and hope you can help me gain some satisfaction. Specifically, my complaint concerns quality. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated because this incident has made me fairly upset.

For your reference, the product in question is Aiwa Mini-CD System. Here's my problem: I have had an Aiwa Mini-CD System (one included in the many that now have a class-action lawsuit against them...) which was made in 1999. For no reason last week, the entire system has no power to it. I have tried everything from switching outlets to checking the cord.

I cannot receive any money from the lawsuit because I did not get it repaired. Besides, if I did, Aiwa's fine print does not allow those repairs to be reimbursed: because it is not just the CD player that has malfunctioned. It's the entire product.

Here's how you can help: Theoretically, I would like to be reimbursed. I do not have a receipt, and had not had any problems with Aiwa before this, but this is very disappointing.

My overall experiences with your company have left me extremely unhappy. I probably will no longer be a customer of your company. Also, I probably won't recommend you to others.

Thanks for listening to me vent. I hope you will address this concern.


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