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New Check writing policy

Posted Wed July 17, 2002, by Destini L. written to Albertson's

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Iam writing to inform you of a problem with the experience at one of your stores. The store I'm referring to is at Penasquitos DR, CA.

I am temporarily staying with my in-laws while we are having a house built for us in a different city. I had to pick up a few things so I went to the closest grocery store Albertsons down the street from where they live. I had been there other times and initially was hasseled about having an out of town check but then they entered it into the system and took my identification and told me I would not have any further problems writing checks there. Well, today I went to the same store with my 14 month old daughter and purchased about $50.00 worth of groceries only to be told at check out they would not accept my check. I couldn't believe it! I had all my personal ID on me and I was told that I needed a local address and phone number. Since I am not from the area and did not know my in-laws address or phone number off hand I was not allowed to purchase anything. I spent about a half hour in the store and was forced to leave and go to another store to do my shopping all over again. I have a small child that does not sit long and was getting very fussy. You can imagine how upseting it was to have to take more time out of my day do what I had just finished doing. I was embarrassed,humiliated and furious! I was told that your company instituted a very strict check writing policy and I would have to pay by cash or credit card. Both of which I did not have on me. I am moving to an area that has an Albertsons very close by, but after this incident I will go out of my way to shop at another store. I think your new policy stinks!! I was not trying to pass an out of state check just one from another city. It was unbelievable to me that you do not have a policy that you can verify checks with all proper identification included.

On average, I would say I visit your store 1-2 times per month, and I usually spend $51-$80 per visit. You can be sure that I will never buy from your store again. Also, I seriously doubt whether I would recommend your company again.

Here's what I'd like Albertson's to do: I would like a formal appology and Albertsons should post signs regarding their check writing policy for all customers to see. There should be some flexibility as to verifying checks for those that are not from the immediate area.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I hope you can respond soon.


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