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iBook Quality and Customer Service Complaint.

Posted Fri March 19, 2004, by Edmund J. written to Apple Computer Inc

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I am writing in the hope that you will be able to address my complaint about the the customer service at Apple Computer Inc. This has caused me a great deal of frustration.

Here's why I'm writing. I just got my ibook back from your repair department for my iBook which had an extended warranty for the faulty Logic Board it came with. Apple says they replaced the Logic Board but My LCD isn't lighting up, they say I have wiring issues when I got my LCD screen replaced.

If the logic board was actually replaced, why doesn't my external video work? It doesn't. On my Proof of Repair form it says "Part Number: APPP73B" but further down it says "Part Number Replaced: N/A" I called Apple and they assured me the Logic Board was replaced.

At first the guy who called from Apple was rude and talked over me as if I wasn't there. After we exchanged words, he hung up on me. I called customer service back and they said we can fix the wiring/lcd issue, and the battery latch for $747 (?) told them, "I bet you could, now send my machine back,"

My machine was working fine before the logic board went. In addition to that, I really don't think the battery latch/locking mechanism should self-destruct.

While my machine was at Apple, you technicians lost the metal part holding the battery in. They sent the unit back with tape holding the battery in place.

As it stands now, I am stuck with a battery that won't stay in, a screen that won't cut on, and a presumably new logic board. With no external video. I forked over $1,500 cash for this kind of quality and customer service? People wonder why Americans don't want to buy American made items.

The iBook is a great machine for the first 7 months. I am a long-time fan of Apple and I hold stock in Pixar, because I believe in your CEO, Steve Jobs.

But the quality of the plastic parts leaves a lot to be desired, and Apple appears unwilling to repair the problems. When you call it's like they are rushing you/talking over you, unless of course you give them a credit card number. Then it's all about customer service. I don't think the iBook is living up to your quality of excellence. Why make a sportscar out of styrofoam?

I think Apple is becoming so profit-driven that you are screwing the customers paying a premium for your product. And you are not aware of how the enormous repairs of minor problems impacts people on fixed incomes.

I've been dissatisfied with your company in the past, so this doesn't surprise me. You should know that I probably won't buy products from your company again. Also, I plan to tell my friends about this negative experience.

1) Deliver documented proof of logic board replacement. The Proof of Repair says Part Number Replaced N/A.

2) Repair batter lock mechanism, which fell apart under normal use.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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