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Horrible UVerse Service

Posted Tue January 10, 2017 10:57 am, by Eddie P. written to ATT (AT&T Telephone)

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At the beginning of January, I went to your UVerse site to order new service to replace my current TWC services. I completed this and the promotion stated that I would receive a $200 Visa card.
1. The next day I get confirmation that someone will schedule my new service.
2. A few minutes later, I get a notice to call ATT because service cannot be established.
3. I call ATT and I get your horrible automated computer system. 5 minutes later, the first person, who is in INDIA regardless of the "Americanized" name they're trying to use, states that there is a problem, but he cannot handle it and sends me to person #2, also in India. This person says there is a problem with my phone number, but he can fix it and establish my new service. But he doesn't know what services I applied for on your website. Even though I got the service letter from ATT. He then quotes me a price higher than the original internet quote. After explaining this to him, he then offers another $100 card to offset the difference. I accept and he sets up the order.
3. I get a service order from ATT showing the approximate cost of services, but without a confirmation of the promotional cards.
4. I call ATT, get the 5 minute useless computer service, and then someone new from India. After 10 minutes, she finally gets the service order, but then tells me that I'm only getting half of the Visa card. I then explain to her that the second rep promised me the full $300. She argues with me for awhile, then finally checks the notes from rep #2 and confirms the right value. I ask her to send this in writing because I don't trust anyone at ATT. She can't do that. I tell her I want to record her saying that and she hangs up the phone.
5. I get a new estimate from ATT for monthly services that is different from the original estimate.
6. I call to try to confirm all the services. 5 minutes on the auto voice service, then I get Indian rep #4. He cannot see my service, but states that there is an order. He then says he is going to transfer me to someone who can help. He transfers, I get the auto voice service and rep #5 comes on and cannot help me. And the phone is disconnected.
7. I make another call, same as #6. He can't find the order info either and sends me to rep #7. Before doing that, I told him if my call gets disconnected, my next call will be to cancel service. My call is disconnected.
#8. I call for the final time and give Rep #8 the full reason for cancelling my order. She can't do it, but will send me to someone who can. The auto voice service comes on again and I hang up.

That's up to ATT. I have been telling everyone I know about my experience with trying to get new UVerse service and that they should avoid ATT like the plague. I'd like to know if ATT thinks Americans are idiots ant don't know that we're talking to someone in a foreign country even if they call themselves "Billy Bob". And if you're going to use foreign services, how about improving the infrastructure so they can hear what I'm saying without my having to yell. BTW, I contacted TWC and they gave me the same UVerse offer. I spoke with an American, and she handled my request politely and quickly within 5 minutes.


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