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Deceptive billing practices

Posted Thu March 6, 2003, by Jennifer L. written to AT&T Mobility (Wireless)

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The world thrives on communication today, which is why I'm so upset with the billing or payment at AT&T Wireless Group. Quite honestly, I'm furious about this issue. Just for the record, here's my telephone information: 817-442-1459.

Here's my complaint: I am extremely upset and disturbed by the experience I just had with a supervisor named Glen, his login ID is 30632. I originally called in to AT&T on Feb. 24th at 9:01pm to change my phone rate plan to the basic 19.99 a month to start on the new billing cycle. Which was supposed to be on Feb. 28th. (4 days later) The customer service representative I spoke to said "Ok", and changed the plan. That was the entire extent of our conversation. I got my bill today and it shocked me to see it was $235.43 and my last bill was $62.69. I called AT&T to find out why it was so high and was explained that they had retro billed my account starting back on January 28th and I was not advised of this policy, if I had been advised, I would not have done this obviously. I explained this all to Glen and he refused to adjust my bill to reflect the 39.99 plan for the month of February of which I talked on for 24 days out of 28 days of this billing cycle. This is ludicrous, why would I have changed my rate plan 4 days before the billing cycle ended to make myself pay 172.74 dollars more than the previous month. The customer service agent should have advised me to call back in 4 days to change the plan so that I would have to pay this exorbitant amount of money. We have been loyal customers for over a year and you can check our account that shows we have never missed a payment or even paid a bill late. I am very appalled that this is how AT&T chooses to treat their customers and I assure you that if this not rectified, I will let ever person I come in contact with know how outraged I am and that they should never do business with your company. This customer service should be reprimanded for not advising me of this policy. I also feel the way I was treated by Glen was very unprofessional and his lack of caring about the mistake that was made by his customer service agent was unacceptable and he refused to transfer me to his manager. I should advise you, if nothing is done about this I will contact a law firm to investigate your deceptive billing practices. Thank you for considering my situation and I would appreciate a response as soon as possible. My AT&T phone number is (817)239-8987 and our account number to refer to is 98363492.

I'm not surprised, and do you know why? I've been very dissatisfied with your company in the past. But given the nature of this problem, I'll take my business elsewhere from now on. And I'll definitely tell other people about my negative experience so they can avoid it in the future.

Here's what I'd like to see happen: I would like my bill to be corrected to reflect the 39.99 rate plan I had for February and the incorrect charges to be credited to my account.

I hope you get back to me soon. In this age of modern communication, seemingly simple things should not go unresolved. I'll expect a response within 10 business days.


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by zendegy Posted Fri December 4, 2009 @ 1:19 PM

I have been similarly duped by ATT. I called to make changes to my
account, the rep was very sweet and helpful, then my next bill was
over $1000.00 because the rep did something completely different than
I asked for and which defied logic.
ATT is telling me there is nothing they can do and I will soon start
incurring late fees if i don't get onto a payment plan to pay them
money I do not, by rights, owe them.
I've been a loyal customer for many years, but now will not sign with
them again when my contract ends.
Also, aren't you nervous putting your phone number and account number


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