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Illegal billing practices of AT&T Wireless

Posted Sat April 24, 2004, by Kirsten S. written to AT&T Mobility (Wireless)

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I am writing as a dissatisfied cusomer of AT&T Wireless Group. Quite honestly, I'm furious about this issue. Just for the record, here's my telephone information: 919-593-3809.

Here's my complaint: 1. I used AT&T Wireless online minute tracker to ensure I did not exceed my minutes. When I approached my limit, I ceased using my phone and so expected not to incur any over-time fees. When my bill came I was charged $26.40 for 66!! minutes of extra time. This is A LOT of minutes for the online tracker to miss. My complaint to customer service resulted in an offer to refund the amount on condition of another year service agreement. (Not accepted).
2. I suspended my service due to an extended trip out of the country. In this month I spoke for 270 minutes, which is well under my limit. AT&T Wireless changed my allowed minutes to 50 without notifying me. I then was billed for 220 over-time minutes ($88.00). I made two calls to customer service, one while under contract, the second free from contract. In the first, I spoke to 3 representatives of varying seniority, one of whom offered a partial refund of $44. Her supposed boss however claimed she was unable to offer any type of refund. The second call (not under contract) resulted in a refund on condition of signing another year's service agreement with the company.
There is nothing fair or honest about the way AT&T Wireless treats it's customers. It's standard practice is to over-bill it's customers and then offer resolution only when the customer is able and willing to undergo further abuse by the company in the form of an additional contract. If a person should be so unlucky as to be in a service agreement with AT&T Wireless, they can expect to pay fines and fees they should not be accountable for. In my many many dealings with the customer service representatives, I found them to be rude and hostile, and unwilling to address legitimate concerns. I have records of the names and ID numbers of the representatives I spoke to although I'm not sure how useful they are since the last one I spoke with decided to best way to resolve my complaint was to talk over me anytime I tried to explain my point and then told me he was Frank from the LA center, ID 666.

I'm not surprised, and do you know why? I've been very dissatisfied with your company in the past. But given the nature of this problem, I'll take my business elsewhere from now on. And I'll definitely tell other people about my negative experience so they can avoid it in the future.

Here's what I'd like to see happen: Refund in the amount of $124.40 for the above charges plus $10 tax and fees. The refund should be issued as a check payable to me and not in the form of company credit. I also require a written apology for the stress these incidents have caused in my life.

I hope you get back to me soon. In this age of modern communication, seemingly simple things should not go unresolved. I'll expect a response within 10 business days.


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