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My Home EQuity Line of CRedit

Posted Thu March 9, 2017 10:46 am, by Lynda L. written to Bank of America

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I have a home equity line of credit I have been paying interest only on for 10 years. This month my payment went up to include principal and interest. In the beginning of Feb. I started the process to refinance this loan (not borrowing any money, the same amount it has been). Everything was going along and then they requested a title from somewhere they couldn't tell me which they said needed to have the lien in the 1st line corrected. They wouldn't tell me how to do this or talk to the previous title company. It was totally up to me and I don't understand any of this. In the meantime my home equity went up $500 this month. (This is what I was trying to avoid). They just keep going around and around with no assistance, basically it's my problem to figure this out.

BOA should fix this or forget it and lets just refinance what I have already been paying on for 10 years. I should not be up to me who doesn't understand this to figure it out. I called the previous title company and BOA wouldn't even call them back. I hate them.


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