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Rude customer service

Posted Thu December 26, 2002, by clara c. written to Best Buy

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I'm writing to bring your attention to a problem I've had with overall experience with one of your products. I hope Best Buy will address this problem to my satisfaction. This concerns a retailer located at 9355 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville, Florida. This incident has left me extremely angry.

Here's my problem: I went to your store in Jacksonville, Fl on November 29th, 2002 to purchase a Direct TV system that was advertised. The advertisement as for 2 reciever system with local channels for $99. We waited in line for 2 1/2 hours in a line that never moved. We left and I came back on Saturday Nov 30th. I purchased the system on my Sears Mastercard, I was told that did not include local channels like the advertisemnet said and that I had to purchase an additional dish for $99 for local channels but I would receive a $100 rebate by mail.
KTF installations came out the folowing Saturday Dec 7th to install the satellite. They arrived at 9am and around 2pm had tried everything to get the dish to work , they told me it as abad dish that that does happen and to return it ti Best Buy and they would wait at my home until I returned. My visit at Best Buy was a nightmare! Customer service was rude and were and siad it wasnt from their store even though I had my reciepts , I purchased in on my Sears mastercard.I even ripped open the rebate form from my purse that I had in a stamped envelope, so they could see the receipt, the manager (Jason Orberg) was no help whatsoever and was rude and threatened to call the police, all I wanted was to exchange the bad dish so I could get back home to the installers. When I returned home crying the installers said they had never had a problem with Best Buy before. I called your customer service 800# and they called the Jacksonville store and they said Jason was rude with them also, they called the Orange park store and said I could return it there. It is 100 miles from my home, I retuned there with no problem, except the sku # was the same on the exchange receipt that was on the original receipt that we showed them the first time. The manager at Orange Park said she did not have time to dicuss it, just to take the dish and go. I now have a local dish that I cant get the installers to come back and install. This was a Christas present for my family that really went bad and should not have been such a hassle.

Here's how you can help: Find someone to intall the dish and talk to the manager (Jason Orberg) and ask him why he was so rude and insisted it was not purchased there when I had my receipts. I was not the only on ehe was rude to that day, he stopped helping me to be rude to another customer. He does nothave the personality to deal with customers and their needs. He is bad business for you. My daugher rcvd gift certificates from you and I do not want to go to your store to use them.

Based on all of my dealings with your company, I am very unhappy. I have decided I will never do business with you again. Also, I will not recommend your company to others.

I know you like to keep your customers happy, so I am sure you'll take steps to rectify this situation. I expect to hear from you soon. Thank you.


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