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Defective Sneak-a-Cup Function

Posted Mon July 26, 2004, by Michelle written to Black & Decker Small Appliances

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It's really frustrating when you spend hard-earned money on a product, and then this happens. I'm referring to the performance with Black & Decker Small Appliances and I'm hoping you can do something about it. Frankly, I'm really annoyed with this matter.

For the record, I own a Cafe Noir from your company.

A few months ago, I purchased your Cafe Noir coffee maker for my new apartment. Since I tend to drink more coffee than the average person, I decided to go with a coffee maker that had some additional features: automatic shut-off, a programmable timer, and sneak-a-cup.

Well, I'm very happy with my coffee maker, except for the sneak-a-cup feature, which doesn't work AT ALL.

According to the instructions, while the basket is locked into place, I should be able to remove the carafe for 30 seconds, mid-brew-cycle, without the occurance of dripping.

I rarely use this feature, because I normally set the timer so that it finishes brewing before I wake up. However, I've tried to use it once or twice, with terrible results. Today, I tried one last time.

The brewing never even paused. I removed the carafe and the coffee continued to drip rapidly, making a mess all over the warming plate. This also created a dangerous situation, since I was trying to wipe up hot coffee and return the carafe to the tray at the same time (so as to prevent MORE dripping).

I'm really not sure what can be done about this problem -- there doesn't appear to be anything physically wrong with the coffee maker -- but any suggestions, solutions, or compensation that you may be able to offer would be more than welcome. I hope you can fix this, because it will prove to me that I should continue doing business with you in the future.

Please respond to this complaint as quickly as possible.


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