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Gluten Free menus for Celiacs

Posted Wed April 14, 2004, by Peg S. written to Bob Evans Restaurants

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I'd like to offer a suggestion that may benefit your business. I hope you seriously consider my suggestion about the experience at Bob Evans Restaurants. The restaurant we most often eat at is in St. Clairsville - I belive the number for that one is 90, as well as Bob Evans restaurants while on vacation.

Here's my thought: My husband and I do a lot of traveling, and usually hunt for a Bob Evans to enjoy our meals, especially breakfast. I would like to suggest that Bob Evans develop a gluten free menu, much like the Outback Steakhouse has. This menu would help myself, and the thousands of celiacs in the U.S., find a safe place to eat. This would not be a difficult undertaking, and the menu would be offered by request. On this list would be available offerings that do not contain gluten, or ones that are not prepared in an environment cross contaminated by gluten containing foods. For example, eggs cooked on a grill where French toast, or pancakes are prepared would pick up the gluten left on the grill from these items. A GF printed after eggs fixed on a grill or skillet only used for eggs, would be safe for us. Fruit would be fine, but of course the afore mentioned pancakes or french toast wouldn't be. We only need the GF letters on things we could safely consume. With one person in every 133 in the U.S. as possible Celiacs, whether they know it or not, this represents a lot of potential customers. Add to it people with wheat allergies, the number rises. We would all appreciate it if this suggestion could be considered and implemented.
My sincer thanks to you for taking time to read my suggestion.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope it helps. I hope to hear from you soon.


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