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I didn;t expect specks from Brita water filters

Posted Mon December 17, 2001, by Evelyn W. written to Brita

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I wanted to bring to your attention a problem I encountered with the performance of an item your company produced. The product I'm referring to is your line of replacement filters for the standard model Brita water filtration pitcher.

I have been a purchaser of Brita water filters for nearly 5 years, and have been greatly pleased with the resulting taste of the filtered water. (In fact, I'm drinking some right now as I write this complaint letter.)

Recently, I have been unhappy with something that I've discovered, with the last few purchases I've made of replacement filters for my pitcher. Whenever I take off the top of the pitcher to refill it with water, there are always little blacks specks contained therein. They manage to stay in the top of the well (as I would think that they should not be able to get past that filter), but I am still very concerned about them. Just a few minutes ago, I refilled the pitcher with water and noticed about 15-20 of those little black specks. I, of course, poured them out. I must say that I am not pleased. What is that stuff anyway? Is it safe? Should I have them analyzed by a lab? Should I be concerned about my health? I only started noticing them about a year or so ago.

I called the customer service number only to have a representative to tell me to run water through the filter to flush it out. Well,...been there, done that, didn't work. Anyway, when I first open my brand new filters, I soak them even before I run a couple of pitchers of "plant water" through them. It just didn't seem to make sense for him to tell me to do that, and yes, I did take the top part (the gauge) off prior to running water through each one.

I may consider other companies when buying water filtering products in the future, and I don't know if I should recommend your product to people I know.

Here's what I'd like to see happen: Send me a filter that you know will not "bleed" black specks. Along with that, I'd like to get a year's supply of the good filters so that perhaps I can flush out any "bad" water that's in my body. I would say that 12 should do it. (I am a nursing mother and drink lots of water along with my husband and 4 children.)

I really would like a thorough explanation of why the specks are there, anyway, and what would be the ramifications of ingesting them.

Let me thank you in advance for your prompt response to this matter. Please contact me if you have any questions about my letter.


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by Griffin Posted Thu April 24, 2008 @ 8:10 PM

I read your message yesterday so that I'd be informed about buying a
Brita. I bought one today and also had the black specks. It's carbon
dust, which the instructions and filter package state several times
will happen in the first few filterings.

I rinsed out the reservoir, but was still getting them so I called
customer service. Apparently it's normal to get them if you pour tap
water directly on the filter (the instructions also say not to pour
directly on the filter, but I overlooked it).

Customer service also let me know that with the top on, the reservoir
is sealed off from where the drinking water is. I looked at my new
pitcher and it's true, so I think that it's fine to drink the water.

So this is actually not even a problem, other than the "not reading
the label" problem that a lot of people have (including me apparently


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