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The Christopher Lowell Collection

Posted Wed September 5, 2001, by Marianne C. written to Burlington Coat Factory

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I have a complaint that I want to bring to your attention. It concerns the durability at Burlington Coat Factory, and I hope someone can resolve this. The particular store I'm writing about is located at Kansas City, Missouri.

Here's the problem: I recently purchase a bedding ensemble from the Christopher Lowell Collection in your store. I am extremely pleased with the quality of my purchase, as I am with most purchases from your store. However I would like to mention that the tassles that hang from my bedspread took little time to come lose from the bedspread. This is nothing I would return the merchandise for, but it did surprise me that it came apart so easily. By the way, my husband and I are not jumping on the bedspread, nor do we have knock-down-drag-out fights to where the bedspread suffers terrible injury :)

In the future, I will continue to do business with your company. I am always pleased with my purchases and the freindliness of the staff. Also, I definitely will recommend your company to others.

Here's how you can help me: I would like Burlington Coat Factory to continue to offer great products at great prices. I would also appreciate if you could aware the manufacturers of the Christopher Lowell Collection of the fragile condition of their product. I would like to see them putting out good quality products without worrying about if they can hold up to normal wear and tear.

Thanks for listening to my complaint. I hope it is addressed.


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