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My Concerns and review

Posted Tue December 13, 2016 12:00 pm, by Renika A. written to Carnival Corporation

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The following letter is an account of my experiences aboard the Carnival Freedom ship on Dec 8th to Dec 12th. I am detailing the poor customer service skills, ill conditions of the cabin and its amenities and the lack of proper attention and compensation for the experiences and situations that occurred.
I just finished a cruise aboard the Carnival freedom leaving from Galveston going to Cozumel. On day one of the cruise we encountered problems aboard the ship. When we arrived to the ship, our refrigerator was not working. We notified our attendant and he said someone would look at it. During the safety drill on the ship NO ONE CHECKED US IN... In fact we were told to leave our lifejacket and just go stand out on the deck. It was only after we asked a representative that our cards were scanned. I know for a fact that is a HIGH violation of ship safety. I cannot swim and this is my first cruise. In the event of an emergency I would not be prepared and your ships practices will further delay my preparation for an emergency. On the second morning of being onboard our cabin's toilet flooded, we contacted guest services to be greeted by a rude representative named Sasha who told us someone would come and then hung up the phone. After about an hour of running water, our suitcases, the carpet and all of our towels were soaked. We contact Sasha again within that hour to let him know it was urgent he told us he knew and then AGAIN hung up the phone in our face. Finally someone came to fix the toilet, we asked him about the refrigerator as well and he told us he did not fix refrigerators. The representative continuously insisted on sending someone LATER to get up the water. We pushed for someone to come immediately. Finally someone showed up to mop up the water in the restroom but again insisted that we wait for the carpet to be taken care of. We again pushed for immediate assistance and someone came to WetVac the carpet. The WetVac was ineffective because again the water had soaked through so after about fifteen minutes of walking on the carpet the water began to resurface. Finally someone came to dry the carpet with a floor fan. We again asked a representative about the refrigerator and AGAIN we were told they would send someone. We had things we needed to store, medicine being very important and of course our food items. Later that day my cabin mate went to wash her face and opened a face tile to see what looked like feces (brown stains) on the face tile. On the fourth day at 11pm someone finally came to fix the refrigerator but unfortunately we would not be affected by the fix because the cruise was over for us within the next eight hours or so. The guest services offered us a 20% discount for our troubles for one day. Unfortunately this will not suffice as this terrible experience was the ENTIRE trip. To even add more insult to injury the staff the entire time and even after was tremendously rude and dismissive. I notified cheap cruises of our experience because we booked through them and I contacted Guest Relations via the phone only to be told I could receive a 20% credit for all four days and 15% credit towards my next cruise. Those options would be great had not my OWN PERSONAL BELONGINGS been damaged and if I had any desire to go on another Carnival Cruise. I was also told that a supervisor would contact me within THREE BUSINESS DAYS. I am not surprised at this point by the poor customer service practices of Carnival and I will not be returning nor will I be referring this cruise line to anyone I know. Your company seems to value quantity over quality and it is very apparent in the way that you treat your customers and handle conflict. I will be both writing a letter to the head of this company and the Better Business Bureau regarding my experience. Through being a community leader in my community I am well versed in advocacy skills. I could imagine the experience someone unlike myself who may not be able to advocate for themselves and who may be disabled being treated in the manner which I have been treated both on and off board your cruise line.

I would like for the Carnival Corporation to compensate me for my damaged belongings and time spent on the ship without adequate refrigeration, polite customer service and clean living quarters.


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