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Pissed Off

Posted Fri May 28, 2004, by Darin S. written to Casey's General Stores

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I am writing to inform you of a problem with the experience at one of your stores. The store I'm referring to is at Stanton, Nebraska.

My new wife is an assitant manager at Casey's in Stanton, NE. Everynight I go in to say Hi and wonder why she has lines of people waiting to check out & she is the only one working the register. This selfish & greedy Co. pulled hours away from this store due to the lack of business. Lack of business?, everynight for the last two weeks she has been swamped because there has been baseball games, golf, fisherman ect. It makes me furious to watch her put up with this because she can't find time to eat, take a break or worst yet stand behind that counter having to go to the bathroom & not be able to go because there is no one else in that store to watch her register. Not being able to go to the bathroom is a bunch of BS,if only those pencil pushers in Corporate office realized that there hour cuts are affecting the performance & moral of their employees rather than their pocket book. I just don't know what to do, I feel for my wife so much but there is nothing I can do about it. I have filled out complaint slips along with other people in Stanton, NE. pertaining to these issues but they seem to never find there way to the right people. This greedy company only cares about profit not there employees. Oh here is another new policy they have. If an employee running a cash register during there shift has more than 3 gas drive offs over an extended period of time, they consider this grounds for termination. I think that they should try this because they would get sued in a heartbeat.
I hope this letter finds disgust in all of your readers.
Darin Schneider

On average, I would say I visit your store 1-2 times per month, and I usually spend $1-$20 per visit. I still might buy from your store. Also, I seriously doubt whether I would recommend your company again.

Here's what I'd like Casey's General Stores to do: Get a clue & treat people with respect & dignity, because their employees are the ones who make the money.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I hope you can respond soon.


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by mistydykes1 Posted Sun February 1, 2009 @ 11:48 AM

You are not the only one to experience this fact. In fact, there are
several people who were working at a Casey's station before me who
were terminated because of drive offs; including store managers. They
could save money by installing camera's at the pumps so that they can
positively identify drive offs allowing them to keep their current
employees thereby reducing their turnover rates and retrieving the
money from the drive offs they would have otherwise lost without the
camera's. If there concern is money they should recheck their
procedures and make some very necessary changes because right now they
are firing good employees' because of corporates lack of
responsibility and poor leadership and head management.


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