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Recent experience with customer service

Posted Wed November 2, 2011 5:12 pm, by Alecia D. written to CenturyLink

I called on 10/25/11 to bundle my existing internet services with home phone services. After repeated holds I give given an offer of $74.99 for bundled services after I specifically told the representative what I was looking for based on the information on the website. After inquiring again about a specific the bundle I was quoted a price $5 higher than what I saw on the web. I was told that the pricing just changed. I expressed that as a consumer I should not be punished for a company not updating their website and asked to speak with someone else. I was placed on hold again and asked to send a screen print of the webpage including the URL and was promised a callback. 7 days later I still had not received the callback and called again. I explained the situation to the representative who answered and was told that nothing could be done. I asked to speak with a supervisor and he restated that nothing could be done after asking for a supervisor 2 additional times and finally stating that I would hold for a supervisor he asked me to hold while he found one. I again explained the details of my call to the supervisor and was then asked why didn't purchase the services online. I informed her that the website prompted me to call. She again said there was nothing she could do for me followed by in my opinion unprofessional deadair. When I broke the silence and told her that I did not feel satisfied as a customer she asked me the same question again. I then became frustrated, acknowledged that I was asked the same question twice and reiterated my previous answer. She then offered me the bundled services at the lower pricing I saw online.

I feel that as a company you should better train your service individuals. I as a consumer have a choice with whom I do business and these interactions have left me with a feeling of incompetence with CenturyLink. I do not feel at all valued or appreciated as I consumer or as a customer of your company. After 2 frustrating and irrating phone calls my issue has been resolved. However I do not feel that I should have had to work for CenturyLink employees to do their jobs, nor should I be made to feel invalued.


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