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Charter Overcharging

Posted Sat August 23, 2003, by Mary J. written to Charter Communications

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I am writing in the hope that you can help me address a problem I have with the billing at Charter Communications.

I am very unhappy with this experience.

We signed up for cable and Internet at an agreed rate in late 2001. Several times since then we have received bills for varying amounts - always, always higher than the original agreed-upon price.

Usually a phone call corrected the matter, but the fact that I had to call almost every month is appalling. At one time the customer service rep explained that Charter had changed its computer billing codes and didn't have a code for my old rate, but I needn't worry, "because it's only a few dollars more."

It seems to me, if you can't accomodate the agreed-upon rate with your new computer system, you should charge me a few dollars less, not a few dollars more.

We moved in April 2003 and selected a package that cost $49.99. The very next bill came in at $59.99. When I called the rep said, "Oh, didn't you get the mailing? The rate went up."

I wish I had taken more detailed notes because I feel certain there's a potential class action suit here. As a consumer, it seems as if more and more companies are overcharging "just a few dollars more" with the assumption that customers won't notice or won't care. I'm tired of having to fight off predators targeting my money, especially from companies I'm patronizing.

When I have a choice in the matter - I will go to another company.

Because of this, I am fairly sure I will search for another cable provider, and I don't think I can recommend you to others.

Here is my proposed resolution to this problem: First, provide the service we have ordered at the agreed upon rate. It's basic good business.

Second, based on my current professional billing rate, I'm asking that you provide two months of free service in reimbursement for my trouble in correcting your errors.

Thanks for listening to me. I'll be even more appreciative once I receive your response.


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