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Brighthouse Merger

Posted Thu January 5, 2017 9:39 am, by Kim K. written to Charter Communications

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We live in Florida and Charter recently purchased Brighthouse Cable. I received a letter welcoming to Charter and that there would be an increase in my bill, which I was ok with.. I figured bigger company better response, customer service etc. I was completely wrong. I called in yesterday after trying for a few days to use my MY SERVICES login for the TV Apps.. like ABC, NBC, CBS... it did not work. I tried everything, I emailed Charter 2 days ago and still no response. When I called in yesterday I was ON HOLD for 27 minutes before I got a rep who could even help me! He then told me that yes in fact those won't work only the premium apps will, like HBO... and the fix is a month or two or more out.Furious I was transferred back to rep to get some kind of credit.. She could only give me a $10 credit! This is crazy.. I wasted 59 minutes of MY time to find out my bill went up, my services went down, and there is NO FIX DATE.

This was such an awful experience, we will likely leave Charter now. I cannot believe you still advertise on the TV that these apps will work, and the website as well. DO NOT SAY things that are not FIXED.

I want a reduction for the cost of the cable portion until this is FIXED.. I think that is only fair.


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