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I need a lien release...

Posted Wed May 1, 2002, by Carol T. written to Chase Manhattan Bank

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I hope you are able to help me with a problem I've encountered with Chase Manhattan Bank. The problem concerns the experience at your bank. The bank is located at New Hyde Park, NY 11042..

I have been unsuccesfully trying to get a lien release for a boat that was paid off in 1999. The boat is now mine, but the title shows a lein. When I call, I get passed from department to department, then I am told the lien release will be mailed to me. It never happens. (It may be going to the prior owner, but that doesn't help me.) I am frustrated.

In the future I might just take my business to other banks, and I don't know whether I can recommend you to others.

Here's the resolution I propose: I would like a lien release sent directly to me. The boat is a 1987 Four Winns ID #4WNMY243H687. The loan was a personal loan #10-19-2012-135144. Note - this loan is not in my name - it is in the name of the prior owner, Lyle D. Austin. I have a letter from Chase that indicates this loan is paid in full, but it does not satisffy the requirements of a lien release, in that it does not include the specific boat information.

Please contact me via e-mail and I can answer any specific questions you might have. I can also fax you a copy of the executed title, to prove that i am the current owner, if you desire.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. I look forward to your prompt reply.


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