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Chrysler Financial won't give me my Title to my car!

Posted Sun April 21, 2002, by Laurie L. written to Chrysler Financial Corp.

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I hope you are able to help me with a problem I've encountered with Chrysler Financial Corp.. The problem concerns the experience at your bank and with others, such as Chryler Financial and Chysler Plymouth Dodge of Amsterdam, New york. We are not really sure where the bank is located, do to payments being mailed and dialing 800 numbers. However, we have contacted Chrysler in Syracuse and send payments to Chrysler Financial, Post Office Box 5055, Southfield, MI 48086-5055..

This is the problem,my car will be paid off in three months and I still do not have a title! The title is in Gold Key Lease's name, and has been for since 1996. (We purchased the vehicle in 1998). We cannot get a duplicate because of the fact that it is in Gold Key Lease's name. We have contacted at least twenty representatives of Chrysler Financial over the past six months, and we have yet to be afforded a remedy (THE TITLE)! I wanted to trade this car in six months ago, and cannot because of no title! We have been promised a title four times "in two weeks" for the last several months. Mrs. O'toole (Supervisor)has been helping us for the past several weeks (though she has been helpful, we still have no TITLE! We have spent numerous hours on the telephone, and we have no TITLE! Due to this negative experience and the hold up of purchasing a newer vehicle, we feel that we would like our TITLE ASAP, and also some sort of compensation for this terrible ordeal. We have lost the opportunity to purchase another car on sale, and have also lost the opportunity to sell this vehicle to others for a fair price six months ago. Mrs. O'toole has stated that emails to the proper people have been sent, and she has informed us that Chrysler Plymouth Dodge, of Amsterdam, New York 12010, has been negligent in filing the appropriate paper work for this vehicle, where is was first leased in 1996, and then purchased in 1998.
I would appreciate a very prompt response and remedy. You can verify all our contacts with Chrysler Financial.
In the future I will likely take my business to other banks, and I will probably urge others to avoid banking with you.

Here's the resolution I propose: 1. Respond to this problem at once.
2. Get me my title
3. Compensate me for the stress and losses, and apologize

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. I look forward to your prompt reply.


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