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Allergic Reaction to Sulfates in Dasani Water

Posted Fri December 22, 2006 12:00 pm, by edna m. written to Coca-Cola

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I am a frequent flyer on Delta Airlines and very disappointed that they serve Dasani water on their flights. I am allergic to sulfur, sulfates, etc.

My question is, why do you find the need to add sulfates to your water? Do you have plans to remove it? I have requested that Delta stop serving Dasani water on their flights, but I doubt that they will comply with my wishes because Coca-Cola is apparently their preferred beverage vendor.

It's very frustrating when I forget to buy a bottle of water before boarding a flight from Atlanta to Tokyo and have to deal with being dehydrated unless I drink soda or another beverage other than water, especially when water is my choice of beverage.

I would never purchase Dasani water and feel it's unfair that I be forced to drink soft drinks because I can't drink water.

remove magnisium sulfates from your water.


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by coke d. Posted Mon May 10, 2010 @ 2:17 PM

My wife and I discovered a problem with the Canadian beer we were
served at a Pizza Hut in Pennsylvania and called the brewery to find
out what might be the cause. The end result was that we discovered
Canadian breweries use Iodine instead of Chlorine to purify their
water and since my wife has an allergy ti Iodine it was a very good
thing that she stopped drinking it after only a small sip. Canada does
not require the listing of this ingrediant as it is present in only a
trance amount and not truely an ingrediant but rather a by-product of
the water purification process. Had the person on the line not been so
forthcoming we might never have known the cause of her labored
breathing and constricted airway. Since that day we have taken great
pains to ensure we do not get Canadian beer for her. I know it may
seem off topic but I wished to express how surprising a discovery it
is to receive what looks like a safe and trustworthy beverage only to
feel betrayed by an unknown substance added without thought for no
apparent reason at all.

What caused me to want to contribute to this discussion today is that
I have today discovered an allergy to Dasani water. As I have no
reaction to other bottled waters I looked to the side of the bottle
for clues and discovered magnesium sulfate added for flavor. When I
looked up Magnesium Sulfate I discovered it is used as a laxative
medically. Sysmptoms of reaction to this mineral are mostly mild but
run through to the surprisingly harsh in some cases death. While I
find the variety of side effects to be mostly mild and easily covered
by ceasing to intake the mineral they are definetly not to be

As a result of this discovery I wonder to myself why would Coca-Cola
have chosen to use thios particular ingredient, one primarily used as
a laxative medically, which has a known allergy potential as a

I feel this is ignorance of the effect on consumers and nothing more.
The old saying applies "never put down to malice that which can be
explained by ignorance and inertia". As a result I will not be
stamping my feet and crying about how bad it is that some water has an
ingredient I react badly to but I will stop buying it as long as it
contains magnesium Sulfate anyway.

Good job making the comment even if it might seem a bit nit-picky I
know how disappointing it can be to find that the water is not safe to
drink when you are thirsty. Who knows? Perhaps Coca-Cola will notice
that using a laxitive with a potential for nervous and allergic
reactions as a flavoring might not be there best choice because of
your comment. Stranger things have happened.

by Lark Posted Wed March 26, 2008 @ 4:43 PM

I, too have an allergic reaction to Disani water, especially when I am
dehydrated. I go white, and get shaky and have to sit down, and I
feel washed out - like when I am coming down with a cold. The 1st few
times Ithought I was imagining this, but tha last two times my mom was
there and said what it wrong - she noticed it too.

I do NOT know what I am allergic to specifically, although other
instances of reactions to items containing magnesium stearate (sp?)
seem to give me a similar reaction.

Unfortunately, now that you are not allowed to take water on a plane,
due to safety regs in the U.S., this is particularly annoying. I
compromise by getting apple juice instead.

I'm just glad to hear of someone else who has a problem with Disani
water. I wish the label stated that added ingredients a bit larger.
it just looks like plain bottled water. Why adulterate it?

As I said, for me it seems particularly when I am very thirsty, as
since the 1st time, I have only tried it in desperation - when thre is
no other water available.

My scientist brother insists that there is no way the amount of
magnesium in the Disani water could affect me, yet, it happens.

I once had a very bad reaction to Doan's back pills, the active
ingredient then was listed as Magnesium stearate (sp?). That was the
1st instance - also I had not eaten or drunk much that day. my back
pain intensified andmy heart raced, and I couldnto catch my breathe.
It went away in 20 mins. never took them again - aksed pharmacist and
they said the ingredients have been changed due to reactions (but no
specifics, just that it is now made differently). Als have reaction
to Kyolic Garlic, also magnesium stearate. So I read ingredients
carefully - it is often an inactive ingredient/ binder in pills and



by Harleycat Posted Tue December 26, 2006 @ 1:42 PM

With so many assorted allergies and sensitivities out there, it is
impossible for an airline to cater to every single one. In the end, it
is your responsibility to provide in advance for your special needs.
My mother is diabetic and always carries a "Glucerna" bar with her in
case she can't get her meal choice or does not have the opportunity to
eat when she's supposed to.

I'm caffeine sensitive, so I drink caffeine free Coke when I want a
Coke. Some places do not carry it, so I opt for something else or
bring my own. It's that simple.


by RedheadWGlasses Posted Mon December 25, 2006 @ 11:56 PM

I've known diabetics, including back in grade school, and they would
always be sure to have something on them in case they needed sugar --
hard candy, a cookied, fruit juice, etc.

I don't recall ever seeing a complaint letter here from a diabetic
person, upset that a business didn't provide some form of sugar in
case a diabetic customer needs assistance. They've taken
responsibility for their condition and they don't count on other
people to accommodate them. Now, of course, it's great if a company
will accommodate various things such as this, but it's their choice


by RedheadWGlasses Posted Mon December 25, 2006 @ 3:19 PM

So buy a different brand of water. If this is as important an issue
as you claim, you'll be sure to bring your own bottle of water with
you when you fly.

I despise Aquafina (Pepsi product), but I wouldn't whine about it
being the only option.

by Peregrina Posted Sun December 24, 2006 @ 8:09 PM

This is an interesting letter/discussion. My mom is a cafeteria
manager at one of the schools in my hometown. Currently, there is a
student who is so allergic to peanuts that even being NEAR peanuts can
cause her to become violently ill. This means my mom cannot have
peanut butter in her school kitchen, much less serve it, because of
this little girl.

While part of me thinks it's understandable and even commendable to a
certain degree to accomodate her, another part thinks it rather
ridiculous to deny peanut butter to everyone because of one person.

Note - All the kids in her class are aware of her allergy. Some
continue to bring peanut butter in their lunches from home and others
bring something else. I'm just talking about the kids who eat in mom's
cafeteria as being 'denied' pb.

I'm not even a fan of peanut butter, but if I was, I would be rather
peeved to be denied a PBJ sandwich because someone could not/ would
not take care of their own allergies. I'm allergic or have phobias
about certain things, so I tend to avoid certain situations or come
prepared to deal with them if they are unavoidable.

For instance, I don't like large crowds. I tend to panic if I feel
like I'm being hemmed in or cornered. This doesn't mean I avoid malls,
concerts or football games. Neither does it mean I demand an empty
corner or row of seats. It simply means I always find an escape route
as soon as I enter a room, know where there is a deserted room or
corner to retreat to until I can regain control, and I have learned to
recognize the beginnings of a panic attack. It's not always fun or
comfortable, but it is controllable.

And before someone tells me being allergic to peanut butter is nothing
like being agoraphobic, I have to agree. When someone says they
allergic to peanuts, most people will nod in sympathy or chime in with
friends and/or relatives who share the allergy. When I say I panic in
crowds, people look at me like I should be in a lunatic assylum or
tranq'd up to my eyeballs. :) Being allergic to pb is easier.

There's a fine line, I think, between accomodating others in order to
living in peaceable harmony and taking away a person's personal
responsibility and free will.

It's altogether too easy to let others dicatate and control our lives.

Allergic to the water? Complain and whine because whining and feeling
sorry for yourself is easier than taking some personal responsibility.
If nothing else, buy a pack of water and leave it in the trunk of your
car, that way you will always have water.


by Firebrat Tracy Posted Sat December 23, 2006 @ 4:31 PM

Sorry, but I feel that it's a bit unreasonable to expect a company to
change it's supplier because you are apparently allergic to Dasani.

Lots of people have food allergies. For example, if the guy in the
seat next to me on my next Delta flight is allergic to chocolate,
should I be forced to eat a sugar cookie instead of chocolate chip? I
think not. Let him bring his own sugar cookies and let the rest of us
have chocolate chip. Right?

Why would it be so difficult to take a bottle of water with you. If
you bring it from home, it's less than .50 cents. Alot cheaper and
more reasonable than demanding an airline change its supplier for one


I think in some cases you should be forced to eat a sugar cookie. by calm Sun December 24, 2006 @ 2:02 PM

Exactly! by Firebrat Tracy Sun December 24, 2006 @ 2:18 PM

by Laura Posted Sat December 23, 2006 @ 1:10 PM

As a person who deals with contracts, I'd like to add my two cents.
Many companies usually sign contracts with beverage vendors to buy
exclusively from them. You'll notice this when you ask for Pepsi in a
restaurant and the waitstaff asks you if Coke is ok. Delta has more
than likely signed a contract with Coca Cola to offer only their
products on the flight. I know someone who is allergic to sulfates,
so I am aware of how frusterating the allergy can be. Sulfates are in
everything! However, it's up to you, not Delta, to take precautions
when flying. Remembering to take a beverage of choice should be
second nature to you.

by gb Posted Sat December 23, 2006 @ 11:10 AM

Life isn't always fair.
"would never purchase Dasani water and feel it's unfair that I be
forced to drink soft drinks because I can't drink water"


by vc Posted Sat December 23, 2006 @ 10:06 AM

This is odd. I've never heard of this. (I'm not saying you're not
being truthful.) But are you allergic to ALL things containing sulfur
(S)? Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) is far different than S, or SO4 or

If you really aren't allergic to all things S, then I think you may
want to consider revising this. (Again, not saying you're not.) The
chemists at Coke will be skeptical that you are making this claim.
Maybe just concentrate on the MgSO4 and start from there.


by Bill R Posted Sat December 23, 2006 @ 9:20 AM

The key phrase in your letter is.. when I forget.
You stand a better chance of training yourself to remember then Delta
has reason to switch products/vendors.
It only takes 30 days to develop a habit so from this day forward,
think BUY Water before I fly.
Bill R.

by Kevin Boen Posted Sat December 23, 2006 @ 12:36 AM

I suggest you also avoid green leafy vegetables, nuts, peas, beans and
cereal grains in which the germ or outer layers have not been removed.
Hard water (read as most tap water) contains more than soft water.


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