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Comcast Various Billing Problems

Posted Thu March 7, 2013 12:00 pm, by Lisa C. written to Comcast Cablevision of NJ

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I moved in October 2102 and resumed service in December 2012. I was assigned a new account. Payment has posted to my old account and I have called Comcast over 15 times to get the payments and credits corrected. I have never been late or missed a payment in my 4 year history of service with Comcast, yet my service was disconnected and threatening to be disconnected again over $40.00 that I do not owe. I have sent several faxes detailing payments, called numerous times to clear the matter and requested to speak with a supervisor over 5 times to no avail.

The problem I have is if I call in the account states I am 40.00 past due, yet my bill does not reflect 40.00 past due but 117.93, which is the first payment on the new account minus a credit on the old account that was misapplied to the old account and they have failed to transfer to the new account after several attempts on my behalf to do so. The 40.00 was corrected and is no longer an issue, the 117.93 needs to be transferred from old to new account. The late charges needs to be removed and there should be not credit bureau reporting of late payments.

How can Comcast disconnect my service for 40.00 when their billing do not show 40.00 is due?

Why does Comcast supervisors do not honor the commitment to call within 4 hours?

Why does Comcast on-line, phone and paper billing show different amounts due?

Why does it take three months to correct billing issues or transfer misapplied payments?

Here are my account numbers, tracking numbers and ticket numbers associated with this issue.

Old account: 1920434311907
New account: 1920440804208
Tracking numbers:013649364, 013858280, 014071268
Ticket numbers: 014420159

I've spent well over 20 hours on this issue.

I want my account corrected immediately. I want assurance that proper reporting of my account being paid on time is reported to the credit bureau.

I am considering looking further into the billing, disconnection and customer service practices of Comcast in consideration of a personal suit or a class action suit, due to the stress, improper disconnection of service and the failure to resolve issues timely.


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by nonya Posted Wed June 5, 2013 @ 11:43 AM

Whats the deal with comcast??? we called to have our service
transfered on one date. Then we called and said we were not going to
be moved in until a week later to please keep the current service for
another week. Well guess what? the service got turned off at our old
place.. and turned on at the new place. Then we called and they ALWAYS
say they dont have a note of it. So the new place does not have any
service...they said 'it shows on the computer it's working" well it's
NOT working lady...nothing is happening to the TV. she said she would
send someone out to fix it.. 'BUT" it will cost a service charge.
WHATEVER!! she said she had to make 2 service appts because of "who
knows what". The guys shows up... very nice guy.. was singing along
the radio with us. lol He said to cancel the other appt because he can
fix it all in one appt.. so we called they said ok. we made sure we
asked Sahneet or sanjay or meedeet .. are we getting charge for the
2nd appt... all 3 said NO... so guess what happens when we got our
ARRRGGGHH!!!! We call back and they say... we have to pay first before
they take the charges off>>>> WHAT!!!!!!!!!! sadly we are still trying
to fix this mess :(

by oooh Johnny Posted Mon April 22, 2013 @ 1:50 AM

The exact same thing happened to me. They said the triple play from
Comcast sucks would be $116 a month, that's for phone, internet and
cable with movie channels. The week before I called, I had a credit
of $86.00, ergo, that's in my favor. The week after I called my bill
said, "AMOUNT DUE $297.11". I went right past anger, past rage, and
right to serenity, knowing, okay, that's it. No more arguing with
Comcast sucks, no more being handed off to 10 different people with 10
different accents, no more demanding and explanation of why my bill
jumped nearly $400 in two weeks when they said $116.00. I unplugged
everything, brought all their crap back and took the least expensive
thing they had, which is $16.95 a month. I then got my phone and DSL
through Century Link for another $29 a month. I'm not down with
paying 15% of my take home pay for TV and phone and Internet, more
like 5% tops. I don't make a lot of money, and I'm not paying $1,500
- $2,000 a year for TV and a phone and Internet!!! Comcast sucks! Now
I pay $50 a month for everything. I would say dump the Comcast sucks
and get one of those thingees you hook up to your TV and get free
digital cable, or get it off the Internet. I don't even deal with
Comcast sucks any more, just the basic limited cable so I can watch
the news. I'm saving about $150 a month now.


by Semiretired Posted Mon March 11, 2013 @ 1:51 PM

All I can say is good luck. Comcast has always been the pits to deal
with. So much so, in fact, that they had to change their name to
Xfinity in a feeble attempt to fool people into thinking that it
wasn't Comcast they were dealing with. Cable companies are a pain in
the butt to deal with, and Comcast is their king. I'll just stick to
my antenna and Roku player. Way less expensive and way better service.


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