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Comcast "Free" 30 day trial

Posted Wed February 20, 2002, by Gary H. written to Comcast Corporation

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I am writing in the hope that you can help me address a problem I have with the experience at Comcast Corporation.

I called Comcast and asked what I would get if I upgraded to their "digital service". I was told I'd get 4 more HBO's, 4 more Showtime's and a load of other channels. I said, OK, how much will this cost me. I was told "right now we have a 30 day free trial for digital basic upgrade". Cool, so if I don't like it I could call and that would be it... I asked if I needed to have a check ready when they delivered the box and remote to which I was told no, it was part of the free trial.
So, we try it out, we don't like it, two reasons: one, can't record one thing and watch another without purchasing a switch; and two, lots of lame channels no one watches anyway. And why buy a cable ready TV if I need to have this ugly box and remote for other cable.

Anyway, the bill come the next month and it has raised $30.00. I call and ask why, they say that was the "installation and taxes". I bring up the free 30 day trial, their answer is that excludes installation. I call three more times before they finally come and get their box and remote. The guy leaves me a receipt which states: disconnect digital service, Promotional "free". So I call again, the nice man says I should fax a copy of my bill, the receipt, and a letter explaining what happened and he would take care of it. I do so. We go to pay the bill and they say it is for $89, to which we say NO, this was to be taken care of. They say, Oh, I see the credit here now. And we paid the regular $61.91. We got this months bill today for $101. I call one more time.

She says she can remove the installation charge. I said what is this other fee for she says: a charge for "downgrading your service". Plus $2.56 for a late fee for not paying the original "installation" fee.

Let me say again: This was a promotional FREE 30 day trial that they are trying to get an additional $30 from me.

Because of this, I can't say whether I will remain a customer in the future, and I can't in good conscience recommend you to others.

Here is my proposed resolution to this problem: Here's what I'd like to see happen: Take the word "free" out of all of your advertisements. It's misleading and dishonest. Give me the refund for the $30 your going to make me pay. Clean it up guys, I'm gonna be telling all my friends about this experience.

Thanks for listening to me. I'll be even more appreciative once I receive your response.


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