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Customer Support / Cancellation Issues

Posted Tue November 4, 2008 9:27 am, by Sajjesh G. written to Cox Communications - New England

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I called Cox Communications. I wanted to cancel my account since i as going to try FIOS which recently came to my neighborhood.

I have a COX bundle (Internet, TV and Phone). When i told them, i wanted to cancel because i want to go to FIOS. I had to call twice. Both the times, the customer support was very rude and was trying to tell me that i do not know what i am going to get into and that verizon cheats. When i said i have done enough research, one of them said he knows better.

With COX,I pay $137 including taxes in total without unlimited phone calling to any state in USA & Canada and only 10mbps internet. With verizon, i will get both unlimited calling and 20MBps for the same price. The customer service mentioned that hey can offer the same for around $150 and i have to sign a contract. I asked why i would do that when i am getting the same for cheaper..they kept on telling me that i know nothing and verizon are cheats.

After sometime, since i was not giving up, one said..."if you want to cancel, go to the cox office and return the equipment...is there anything else" in a rude tone. Throughout they were very rude and arguing with the customer.

Also, the second person i talked to mentioned i have to pay $100 for breaking a contract. When i asked when i signed a contract, they said it is a "verbal contract". when i started this service, they said this plan is not a contract. It is to guarantee that price will not change for one year. after that price can change. They told me i can cancel anytime. Now they want $100 for breaking contract...

I asked the support person to take the recording when the sales guy signed me up to prove that no one mentioned it to me, the person replied we record only 6% and he cannot help that.

They kept saying verizon are cheats, i know nothing when they themselves are big time cheats and manipulate.

I cannot pay $100 for what they say it is a verbal contract (which was not mentioned anyway).

I would like to see the customer support little more polite. When a customer calls and wants to cancel service, they should not give such a hard time.


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by Tanes K. Posted Mon January 17, 2011 @ 9:42 PM

I do have the same problem when I tried to cancel the contract. COX
said I am breaking the contract and the fee will cost me to pay 5
years service and I can cancel the contract. The service cost me aroud
$100 dollars per month. The sell representative said I can always
cancel the agreement sine the agreement is just to guarantee the price
is not increasing.


Re Cox Cable by boxboy Sat June 18, 2011 @ 2:06 AM
by CoxTech1 Posted Tue November 4, 2008 @ 1:06 PM

I apologize for any issues you have with our billing department. If
you would like me to try and assist further please email me at
hrd-hsi.newsgroups@cox.com and I will be happy to research this
further for you.

-- CoxTech1


Good job, Cox! by mikedthornton Tue November 4, 2008 @ 1:43 PM

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