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Cox Sucks

Posted Tue January 11, 2005, by Janie C. written to Cox Communications, Inc.

Write a Letter to this Company

I am writing in the hope that you can help me address a problem I have with the connection at Cox Communications, Inc..

I have been a subscriber to Cox Cable and Cox High Speed Internet for almost 2 years. I have repeatedly contacted them about the bad service that they have been providing to me. I am constantly disconected from the internet, and this is supost to be a uninterupted connection. I also loose cable chanels and get very poor reception. The technicians have come out to the house on multiple occations and they always say that the problem is outside the house and therefore their responcibility. They always promise to fix the problem, but nothing ever gets better. On 01-09-05 I tried to purchace a WWE pay-per-veiw, and was unable to do so because of there bad service. This pay-per-view was supost to be a x-mas gift to my husband.

Because of this, I can't say whether I will remain a customer in the future, and I don't think I can recommend you to others.

Here is my proposed resolution to this problem: Here's what I'd like to see happen: I would like to have this problem fixed. And to make up for my inconvenience I think that it would be only fair if you refund 1/2 of the supscription price for as long as I have put up with your bad service. I also think that they should Comp me the next WWE Pay-Per-View Event.

Thanks for listening to me. I'll be even more appreciative once I receive your response.


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by Mysticbean Posted Thu May 24, 2012 @ 2:46 PM

I just called COX to see what I could do to reduce my bill. My wife is
disabled and no longer working and now I am her full time primary
caregiver and can no longer work either.

I found out that they had been charging me for a forth rec'vr that I
don't and never had. They will only credit my account for 7 months. I
have had the service for 15 months! Even after talking to a
supervisor, they would not budge. Isn't that extortion?

Looking for a new provider but problem is my apartment complex will
not allow dish unless you are in an apartment with a patio and have
southern exposure. I do not.

If anyone knows of any alternatives, please advise. Thnx!


by Jonathan d. Posted Sun January 8, 2012 @ 2:37 AM

You are telling my exact story. I have to call Cox every few months
to have them come out here and wiggle a cable around to get my
connection back. The alarm company told me I have a weak signal and a
booster is needed; I told Cox this multiple times, but will they do
it, no. I haven't had phone service for the past five days now
because of the weak signal meaning my alarm system isn't connected to
the alarm company. FAIL. If my house were broken into and robbed and
the alarm system failed because of their faulty connection, there has
to be a lawsuit in that.

I'm changing companies this week for internet and phone... I'll suffer
through the slower speeds with DSL. Corporate America is starting to

by Brickman382 Posted Wed December 28, 2011 @ 1:51 PM

Indeed, Cox is the worst ISP I have ever encountered. I move a lot
and have had at least 7 separate ISP/cable services in the last 20
years. Cox's level of sophistication and reliability is about what I
was getting 10-15 years ago. They spend a lot of money on TV, print
and mail advertising but it seems very little on development and
maintenance. If you are new to their service area and are considering
choosing them as your provider, I strongly urge you to thoroughly
research other providers. I'll be closing my account within a month.

Neal Maher

by PrettyUnhappy Posted Thu September 29, 2011 @ 6:34 PM

Sept 11th 2011 well to all of you out there your right cox sucks, had
issues with is going out again, calls after calls for techs to come
out do that same old shit over and over again. Nothing fixed making me
feel like I am the idiot when i am very well knowing it's on their
end. Paid out 100.00 of dollars for new boxes now they wanna tell me
it's my phone, what the heck come on ppl....take ur lines and figure
it out. They don't send out ppl to actually fix you only to make u
pay more and more....I am very angry as I work at home on the
internet, with the voip and have to have my job, but do you think
telling them over and over this is what i do makes any yahoo's for
them NO NO and more NO;s what is it going to take for them to get
it....Law Suit for loss of income that is what I am thinking....! IN
our ecomony no one should lsoe there job because another won't do


by Andrew A. Posted Thu February 10, 2011 @ 11:33 AM

Iíve been a subscriber of DISH Network for years (Iím even employed by
them now) and customer service is one of the most important issues in
my opinion when choosing a TV provider. Issues are bound to come up at
some point or another with any provider itís how theyíre dealt with
that truly makes the difference. I can tell you that DISH has made
huge strides in their ongoing efforts to improve. It shows too, DISH
was ranked number one in overall customer satisfaction in the last
ACSI survey. Couple that with lower prices and more options than Cox
and itís an easy choice for me, I would certainly recommend them to
anyone who may be looking for a new TV service provider.

by Sashiku Posted Wed October 20, 2010 @ 9:37 PM

I feel your pain. I have been contacting cox communications because I
have a VERY low internet speed. 3mb DL speed is pure crap so I call
and they end up telling me *its what you pay for* nearly 30 bucks a
month for 3mb download speed????!!! I am going to change internet soon
enough, but my problem is that there is not many high speed internet
providers here in oklahoma. Im thinking of either DSL, or WiFi. Also,
My identity was stolen around 8 years ago, and cox continues to say
that i own a DVR, but i do NOT own one. I have been fighting it for a
long time. It will get taken off, then BAM it shows up on our bill
again. I am sick of their poor customer service. That companing is
going to crash unless they do something about it.

by bill s. Posted Sun October 10, 2010 @ 9:10 PM


the government, the judges, the military, the local and national
police--they all are impotent, they only serve their rich masters--the
Billionaire Bullies on WALL STREET and big corporations.



by Dom C. Posted Thu August 26, 2010 @ 5:08 PM

Try to remember they treat their front line employee's as bad as they
have treated you. There is no moral at all there and this company
desperately needs a union to represent their associates. If you have
another option, leave them and give your hard earned money to someone


by Keith B. Posted Sat July 17, 2010 @ 2:37 PM

Cox cable internetís wonderful service:

1. I Called Cox to report slow internet and disconnect problems.
2. They could not resolve the problem from instructions over the phone
so they sent a tech guy out to my home.
3. Tech guy shows up and determine that the problem is out in the
street so he put a work order in and said that it should be fixed in
about 2 days. He said he would call me on my cell phone when he finds
out something.
4. A week later and still no call from the tech guy so I called Cox
5. They sent another tech guy out. He spent over 2 hour at my house.
Took my modem to the box out in the large metal box (by the street)
which is only next door and I ran an extension cord so he could have
power. He hooked my modem directly to it. He determined that it was
not my modem and it is this box by the street.
6. He put a work order in and said that it should be fixed in a couple
of days.
7. A week later and I still have slow internet and disconnects. It is
so slow that you can not even open any browser search pages. Sometime
I can surf the internet but at dial up modem speeds.
8. My wife called Cox and demanded to talk to a manager. He looked on
the computer and he told her that the work order is still open. After
this talk, the manager said that he would call her back on her cell
phone before the office closed and let her know what he found out.
9. The manager never called back.
10. The next day she called Cox and got another branch demanded to
talk to a manager there. This manager also looked on the computer and
he told her that the work order is still open. After this talk, the
manager said that he would call her back on her cell phone before the
office closed and let her know what he found out.
11. The manager never called back.
12. It is now the weekend and my wife said she is going to go over to
Cox on Monday and talk to a manager in person.


Cox sucks by Dtrix Thu September 30, 2010 @ 10:03 AM
by Nut cox Posted Sun May 30, 2010 @ 9:50 PM

1st I can say, don't ever give any cox service as a gift. Most people
much rather save you the time and just kick themselves in the nuts.
I worked for cox communications Inc for 3 years. I just recently got
fired by them for missing days to care for my child. Being a customer
is almost as bad as being an employee. Just imagine working at the
very place that
you hate. What a nightmare. Instead of working for the cox suckers, I
have saved myself the pain and grief and just cut my cox off with a

by alsfjdl l. Posted Fri April 16, 2010 @ 9:09 PM

phoenix cox user here. they suck. spotty service, horrible customer
service, horrible technical service. their answer to everything is
"it's your router" ... if they didn't make a deal w/ my housing
community for exclusive rights to provide service they'd be gone. I


exclusive rights by joe b. Sun July 4, 2010 @ 1:16 PM

cox sucks cox by fusionsvt27 Mon September 27, 2010 @ 10:28 PM

by Michael F. Posted Sun February 21, 2010 @ 9:06 AM

As a certified PC technician (A+, Vista, Network+) I can say with some
confidence that Cox customer service reps don't know what to do about
a problem.
I'm sure they receive calls and start using a flow chart to answer the
questions. I know how bad it can be to work with a customer that
doesn't know an RJ-45 from an RJ-11, but I don't understand why
customer service isn't a little more important to them.
When my internet slows to a halt I try to fix the problem myself. I
power cycle my modem and router, clear the lines of static and reset
my computer. If that doesn't work I call customer service.
Customer service ALWAYS has you power cycle your modem and router, so
now I've done it twice to no avail. Then it's time to release and
renew in a command prompt... okay. I always find this funny because I
have a static IP set up for my computer, so when I contact my router
to get a new IP via DHCP it gives me the same one (my IP is yet to be
the problem). Next step, "well... it looks like we may need to send a
tech out but let's try one more thing." I am instructed to disconnect
the new cable receiver for my TV to get a direct connection to my
modem. That works. Apparently I have to buy a new splitter because
the one they installed 3 weeks ago is shot (the guy on the line
proceeds to tell me that he has seen splitters die DURING an install).
I get pretty upset because now I have to pay for a replacement for
their faulty equipment. The guy rattles off a few locations where I
could pick one up a little cheaper than the Cox store (what a great
guy, right?)
Now I'm stuck with a digital receiver and a modem that cannot be
connected at the same time. Luckily I live by myself so this could be
a viable option if I didn't mind waiting the up to 20 min it can take
for my modem to reconnect to their server.
I'm discontinuing my TV this week and hoping that a new ISP will pop
up in my area with service that is at least as reliable and hopefully
cheaper than these dickheads.


Modem on a splitter by gr8aussie Fri August 6, 2010 @ 1:40 AM
by lew H. Posted Mon February 8, 2010 @ 1:28 PM

we have had cox for 2 hrs and I hate it, and I want it canceled. it is
not compatable with our wireless router. the cabel said our router was
bad and he had a new one on the truck for 50 bucks. it tried to sell
us one 5 times.
COX is a bad company


by Ben V. Posted Tue October 6, 2009 @ 2:22 PM

Cox currently holds a monopoly on the Marine Bachelor Enlisted
Quarters on Camp Pendleton, California. I just so happen to be a
single enlisted Marine, so I live in the "barracks."

I have Cox cable and broadband.

I can never use On Demand. I'm overpaying for slow internet speeds, I
get disconnected almost once an hour, and once my roommate was late
paying the cable bill and they charged him 200 DOLLARS.

Cox is ridiculous. I will never use them again.

Your friend in the digital age? With friends like these, who needs

by andy s. Posted Wed September 2, 2009 @ 11:42 PM

cox sucks cox! i hate them and switching. i dont care if they claim
they are the fastest. bull shit. i compared them with the upgrade
2.5 m to standard internet, its the same speed. they like to bash
others for being slow, but guess who is switching? cox, if you read
this, you guys are rrrrrr tards, fu bitch! i hope everyone in the
world understands and quit being nieveeeeee about that they are good.
they are not. they ssuuuusssuuuusussusususuck!


by CoxSucksVegas Posted Tue August 11, 2009 @ 3:18 PM

I've had almost EXACTLY the same experience as Ihatecox Posted Sun
April 26. Same bill, same cost. Was late 2 weeks, which is my fault
without a doubt - and they turned off my cable/internet etc. And
charged $45 in fees to turn it back when I payed - I used the
automatic payment system and access was immediately restored - so $45
for what? But anyway, I was late and they can do what they want. I
called to complain and they pretty much belittled me on the phone
saying I should pay on time (repeating how I should pay for what I
get, downgrade if I can't afford it, etc). I complained, spoke to a
supervisor and two departments, got credited for the fees, filed
complaints against the customer services rep who definitely shouldn't
be dealing with customers and then after getting the credits, I
canceled my cable TV (still have their internet), but saved $80
getting rid of their overpriced TV. Best I could do for now. If we had
more options in the Vegas area you'd bet I'd leave them all together
(I'm still looking). Just poor service and poor customer service and
poor communication at an inflated price.

Competition is good and if there was more in our area I know price
would be better - moving from the north east to Vegas, my Cable and
Internet is the ONLY thing that is MORE expensive.


Cox TV by gr8aussie Fri August 6, 2010 @ 1:47 AM
by Ihatecox Posted Sun April 26, 2009 @ 4:36 PM

I really, really, HATE COX with a PASSION. I've had cox for 4 years
now, and I really never had problems with them til' we moved to our
new house in 2007. Ever since then I've had every problem imaginable.

I have no other choice but to use them as my provider because there
really isn't anyone else in my area that I can use.
I have the phone, internet and cable with them.
I work from home so I have to have the internet in order to work, and
it's constantly cutting off on me, and when I call them to tell them
that it just went off they always make me do the same stupid thing, to
reset it, and when I ask for a credit, they insult me by telling me
they'll credit me like $1.00 or $2.00.
When I tell them that I work from home and that I'm unable to work and
I'm losing pay because of it, they tell me I should purchase their
business package. Stupid money hungry IDIOTS.

My cable is a piece of CRAP. I've had problems with my cable for about
3 months now, and I always call it in and they do the same thing,
reset the cable box, and tell me it should be working. They sent a
technician out already that came and looked at the box and went and
fixed something out back with the wiring on the poles, but I'm still
having the same issues. The channels skip, they go in and out, and
then some channels just say Temporarily Off Air.

My phone just decides to die out when it wants to, I can be in the
middle of a conversation and it will just die, no dial tone or
anything, which is also a great risk , because I'm not able to dial
our or anything, what if I needed 911 services? The phone guy came out
and decided to cut 2 of the phone lines, so that only leaves us with
1, and we can only use 1 jack in the house now. He said I would have
to buy those phones that has 1 main unit and 3 others that I can plug
in an outlet..Excuse me, why do I have to spend more money, because
they have crappy services.

When I talk to representatives both billing and technical they always
want to bring out my billing issues, like when I was late on a
payment, and I always tell them I don't give a damn, because I know I
was late, but that doesn't mean I should get crappy services, because
I was late on a payment.

They said they only give 1 extension every 12 months which is BULL
CRAP. I pay $185.00 for CRAPPY SERVICES, and it's never their fault
that their piece of crap equipment isn't working.

Their commercial says, they are a "Friend" in the digital age. Oh gosh
please, they are the ENEMY in the digital age. Their on demand moves
are now $4.99 and I believe you can only watch it for 24hrs, that
means you would have to watch the movie over and over and over again.
You can just go to those redbox movie rentals and rent a movie for
$1.00 or rent it from the movie store, and pay a cheaper price.


by julie k. Posted Fri April 17, 2009 @ 11:32 AM

Bastards. I hate Cox with a passion. They don't know what the hell
they're doing. I was just on the phone with them for an hour, and
this "Cassie" rep had the nerve to blame me for them not being able to
make their service installment appointment, which was supposed to be
earlier this morning (and noone came). She was the third person I was
transferred to, and they all had something different to say, having to
explain from ground zero. They first guy tells me that I had selected
self-installation for my new service, which I did not. I told him how
am I supposed to do that when I don't even have the f'in equipment.
And then he goes, "oh." Then he goes on to tell me that it looks like
I was selected for both self-installation AND service installation
(when they come and do it for you, which was what I needed). THEN, he
also tells me that I had to make a deposit. I was like WTF? I had no
idea. And he tells me that it looks like I came into their retail
store and should have made a deposit. I said that I did no such
thing..I don't even know where their f'in retail store is. I did
everything over the phone. Then, he tells me that he had to transfer
me over to someone else so they could do a credit check on me. 2
weeks after I signed up with them, and I'm going through this hassle
now...on the day of what was supposed to be my installation
appointment. Then, I was finally brought to this "Cassie" character,
and she goes onto blaming me like I mentioned before. And tells me
someone can come in 4 days later. After waiting for 2 weeks and
waiting since 8am this morning for them to show up, she tells me to
wait 4 more days. RU serious??! So I had to be firm and told her I
need to get this done today and I better not be charged. Seeing their
pattern of behavior, I seriously would not be surprised if they mess
that up too. Cox is run by a bunch of monkeys.


by cox c. Posted Fri February 20, 2009 @ 1:26 AM

Dump cox. They provide consistently the WORST service. In the latest
incident, I called before I purchased new hardware and they said it
would be a one-time $20 activation fee. So I bought the hardware, then
called Cox to activate and they said ok, no problem. But an hour
later, I called back because it still wasn't working and some bozo
says that now they are going to have to charge me double per month
because I have an extra modem--NO extra service mind you, just another
$45 EXTRA EVERY MONTH, on top of the $45 I already pay. THESE PEOPLE
ARE LIKE THE MOB, they get you cornered and see how much they can
shake you down for. After years of getting abused, I am filing a
complaint with whoever has governmental oversight of these FOOLS. The
FCC and maybe the city council because they do some sort of licensing

by dream17 Posted Sun February 15, 2009 @ 12:36 AM

We had cable/phone/internet through Cox Communications in Wichita
installed on 12-1-08. We had continuous problems with the internet
service (i.e. not being able to connect and slow connections) and even
lost our phone service for a couple of days. A technician was finally
scheduled to come out to fix our internet in mid-December; we
continued to have problems with the internet service after that. When
we received our bill we discovered we were being charged for the
technician's service even though we were never at any time told there
would be any charge; I had to fight to get the charge removed. Because
of ongoing problems with the internet service we finally decided to
have our services with Cox disconnected; service was scheduled to be
disconnected on 1-9-09. Several days after having our services
disconnected on 1-9-09 we received a bill for 124.00 (a typical
monthly bill would have only been approx. 116.00 and we only had
service from 1-1-09 to 1-9-09 with Cox). I called Cox Communications
and spoke to a couple of people and was told we owed for the internet
router and wireless adapter and that we also had a balance (we paid
our December bill so there shouldn't have been a balance prior to
January 1st). I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau
regarding the poor service and the bill we received, a bill that
should have been for 9 days of service (from 1-1-09 to 1-9-09) only.
After filing the complaint with the Better Business Bureau we found
out that Cox Communications claims that they disconnected our phone
service on 1-23-09 even though we specifically had Cox disconnect
internet, cable, and phone to be effective 1-9-09 and were never told
at any time that our phone service with Cox would be disconnected on a
different date.
Cox Communications is charging us for phone service through 1-23-09
even though we had phone, internet, and cable connected through
another service provider effective 1-9-09 (we only have one phone and
one phone number and the bill from our new service provider reflects
phone, internet, and cable service effective beginning 1-9-09) and
Cox Communications is charging us for the remaining balance they say
is owed on the internet router and wireless adapter because we did not
return the router and adapter within 30 days even though we were never
at any time told there was a time limit on returning the equipment for
a credit or refund.
On 2-8-09 we received a letter from a collection agency stating we owe
Cox Communications 111.00!!!!
Cox Communications = Poor and unreliable service, high prices, failure
to disclose important cancellation/refund polices, charging for
services after service cancellation date, and a lack of concern for
customer satisfaction.


BILLING RESOLVED! by dream17 Thu February 19, 2009 @ 9:54 PM
by bathory313 Posted Mon November 3, 2008 @ 3:04 AM

I'm stuck with Cox in Virginia Beach, and it sucks here as well.
Today (11-2-08) the internet service has been going in and out ALL DAY
LONG. Calls to what is allegedly 'customer service' produced the same
tired instructions: unplug your modem, plug it back in, turn your
computer off, turn it back on, blah blah blah. Mentioning that I
already tried this produces "well, just try it one more time". I
actually got more help from the automated service than I have from
human beings. I have noticed that the internet service goes down about
once a month, and usually on a Sunday. WTF???????

I wish there were more companies offering high-speed internet around
here so we could all move to a better company and put Cox in the dirt,
where it belongs. We have Verizon here, but I've heard it's even
worse than Cox (is that even possible?)


by Dave A. Posted Fri August 22, 2008 @ 12:45 PM

I've just tried to cancel my COX broadband service after a year of
horrible connectivity and customer service. Naturally, they are
unable to do this without a PIN number,regardless that the PIN they
sent me didin't work.

Threee calls and almost two hours on the phone to get disconnected.

Cox rep "Stephanie" actually told me she could not locate my account
(despite my receiving bills from them) and recommended I visit the
Herndon office to personnaly request a disconnect. Imagine that, Cox
fucks up and they want me to take time off vacation or a weekend to
solve their problems.

When I had the service installed, a COX rep told me to be at the house
between 11:00AM and 1:00PM. No technician came by betwen those hours
and when I called Cox. Cox rep 'Tom" told me it might be as late as
5:00PM. Tom laughing told me I'll have to wait. The characteristics
of that telephone caused me to believe "Tom" was talking via cellular
and in an automobile.

After repeatedly trying to hit the Internet, connectivty was completed
after 2:00.

No one called to tell connectivity was up, no one knocked to tell
it's working. Just stand by and keep trying to connect.

Just stand by and wait. It's the Cox Customer Support model.

I'll never use Cox and anybody that does is just asking for allot of
frustration and are wasting whatever time off they have.

Cox sucks in every way and recommend that no one uses their
"services". You"ll be fucked more ways than drunk sorority girl.

-Chain Bridge


BILLING is a mess by Derning Mon October 27, 2008 @ 3:30 PM
by taciturn Posted Sun July 13, 2008 @ 8:32 PM

Cox sucks! Their internet service is at a third world level. Their
techs are independent contractors and have no overall sense of what
the problem might be with your connection configuration. We need to
share ideas on how to break their monopoly.


by shit Posted Thu June 26, 2008 @ 1:10 AM

Cox SUCKS BALLS. I have had five cocksuckers out to my house to try to
fix the shit. The idiots can't fix it. Instead, they say it's my fault
that I have staples in the wire I ran. I know this is not the problem,
so I ran a direct cable across the Goddamn floor. The trouble
persists. The channels come in like pixelated shit!!!!! They skip and
black out whenever I want to see my favorite shows. I miss my fucking
antenna and my VCR, my cassette tapes and my LPs. Cox digital can suck
my CUNT!! I am an electrical engineer and I know what the fuck time it
is. They simply suck BALLS. They are exactly like the parody
commercials on TV. Cox, FUCK YOU!!!!!!


you are a moron. by Voice of Reason Fri September 19, 2008 @ 3:39 PM
by Magdelena01 Posted Thu June 5, 2008 @ 6:01 PM

They are HORRIBLE. I bundled my services: Cable TV, Home Phone and

I got a DVR through them so I would be able to record my shows. I set
the DVR to record my shows, it didn't record them 80% of the time, I
would check to see if they were set to record before they came on and
they were set. So, the DVR is crap, I wouldn't recommend getting this

I canceled the TV through them today and I ordered Dish Network which
is saving me $45.00 a month. Dish Network also doesn't have
promotional fees like Cox Cable does. You pay one flat rate.

Also the Phone hooks up through the Internet Modem. They told me that
I would have to pay $50.00 to purchase a new modem through them when
I've only had the other one for a month.

With the Phone Service, I don't like the Voice Mail feature. Lots of
people do but I'm one of the ones that don't. I asked them when I
signed up with them if I could have the Voice Mail feature turned off.
The person who sold it to me said: "Yes." Then 3 days later, I have
voice mail messages. I called up Cox to have them shut off the Voice
Mail and they told me that I had to keep the Voice Mail feature turned
on in order to keep my Long Distance plan. I told the girl I was
speaking to that I was told that I was told that I didn't have to keep
the Voice Mail turned on and she hung up on me!

Customer Service: I give a rating of ZERO.

Cox Cable Sucks Do yourself a favor and get your phone through Embarq,
TV through Dish Network and you can even get your internet through
Embarq and they offer a bundle price that DOESN'T change later down
the line.

Some other company needs to come here that offers really good high
speed internet so that Cox can get out!

Las Vegas / NV

by Braden B. Posted Tue May 20, 2008 @ 1:08 PM

I'm having the exact same problems. Today I checked the speed of my
connection with speedtest.net and the average was 412kb/s. Cox
Communications in Wichita, KS sucks!!!


by pbmax Posted Thu May 8, 2008 @ 1:03 PM

I realize this is over 3 years after the original post, but I have had
similar connection problems. I've gone so far as replacing my router
several times as well as the cable modem. I've made numerous calls to
them to troubleshoot and they always insist the problem is on my end.

Well, just about a month ago, we got a notice that Cox was going to
perform an "upgrade" and we'd be without service for a day.

The "upgrade" was performed and guess what? No more connection
problems. Seems to me the problem was on their end all along.

I'll bet anything the "upgrade" wasn't actually an upgrade, but
actually a fix to the problem. Too bad it took them over 2 years to
fix it!

Once Verizon offers FIOS to our area, Cox will definitely be dumped.

by thequick b. Posted Tue April 29, 2008 @ 12:41 AM

To get even with Cox. Destroy anything that has Cox name on it.
Destroy their curbside boxes. Rent a cable box or modem then destroy
it and complained it's DOA... just don't get caught.

by RayInAZ Posted Fri April 18, 2008 @ 1:13 AM

You can add me to the list of individuals that has given up on Cox as
a service provider. We had (until today) cable TV (high definition,
DVR), high speed internet and telephone with Cox. Last December the
TV started tiling, little squares that gave the picture a jerky look,
the audio was also affected. A Cox technician, possibly the only
person at Cox that actually knows what they are doing, diagnosed the
problem as "an issue outside the house". He ran a cable directly from
the Cox main box outside (happens to be in my yard) to my cable box
and determined that the problem was in the Cox system external to my
house. This started a series of events dealing with Cox that can only
be described as a total comedy. I would call them, explain that the
problem hadn't been fixed and they'd send out a technician that would
swap the DVR (I've had maybe 5-7 boxes). I kept telling them the
first tech was certain the problem wasn't in my house. Didn't matter,
they replaced wiring in my house until my house was rewired (OK, I
have an old house and this was OK by me, can't hurt to have new wire).
Each tech that arrived had no clue about what had happened before. I
started a ground zero with each new tech. Finally I got good enough
to spot the techs that didn't have a clue and I was able to throw them
out in the first 5 minutes of their visit saving me time and energy.
I ended up throwing out 3 techs. There was no communication system
such that the techs could use to help each other out. More than once
I had an error message on my TV "Signal Interrupted ID1 (2148". I
figured this would be helpful to someone as it clearly was an error
message from the Cox system trying desperately to tell someone
something had gone bad. I called customer support explained the error
message and asked that this be passed along to the tech side as this
error message would mean something to someone; the next day I'd get a
call trying to setup a time for Cox to come out I'd ask did you see
the error I reported they always responded NO, and they didn't have a
clue what the error message was.

I was so patient with Cox, as I kept getting the message that they
were close to a fix. This went on until April 16 when the cable was
so bad I was not able to watch the final 2 games of the NBA season.
With Post season starting soon, I called DirectTV and they'll be out
to install tomorrow.

I got a $155 credit having spent about $355 on just the cable TV since
Dec. I wasn't too happy so I told the billing guy I wanted to talk to
his supervisor, I explained the series of problems and started a rant
on Cox (I didn't raise my voice or speak harshly I just explained my
situation). As soon as she determined that I had DirectTV coming out
for an install, she hung up. Fine. I was on auto pay, switched to
normal pay. Will continue with high speed connection until I find a
replacement and telephone until I find a replacement, and will not pay
the Cox bill until it reaches $200; then I'll start paying again. For
some people this may not be an option as they can process paperwork to
impact my credit; but I am older, own my home and pay cash for
everything so it'll take a lot to reduce my 850+ score. Besides, I'd
love a fight with Cox billing; as I'm retired this might even spice up
my life some.

I'll be back to tell you about my experience with DirectTV.


Add me to the list! by Laurel T. Mon April 28, 2008 @ 5:23 PM

by Brian E. Posted Thu April 17, 2008 @ 11:47 AM

I hate them with a passion.

They had offered me free dvr and free dvr receiver when I upgraded and
then a week later the dvr stopped working. I was on the phone almost
an hour because no one was on the same page! NO ONE KNEW WHAT THE HELL
WAS GOING ON! I ended up having to pay extra for the dvr.

They have the worst customer service system. Their automated service
is riddled with ads and they transfer you to automated service after
automated service until you reach the operator who will only transfer
you to another having you repeat the same problem meanwhile you know
when they transfer you they call the other person and say 'oh hey this
one is an asshole good luck' so you start with the fake greeting.

I despise cox communications.

They had an add bashing another company for raising its rates. That
WEEKEND they RAISED their rates! Assholes!

by That_Guy Posted Thu April 3, 2008 @ 12:58 AM

Hey I would just like to say I couldn't agree more, and guess what I
am an employee, i am one of the internet tech support guys that you
call when your service is down. I seriously hate cox basically there
cocks. They jsut plain have no customer support even though that is my
job.THey make us tell customers to call someone else. Just remember
the next time you call the tech you talk to is just trying to make a
livng. He is saying what he is told to say so he doesnt loose his job.
It isnt our falult that your internet isnt working. I know you need to
voice your opinion but please send a letter or something, Most of us
tech support people dont even have cx communications available in our
area. were actaully located in North Dakota just trying to make a
living, we do all we can if we do more than they allow we get ritten
up andmaybe fired, they actually expect you to like us when all the
allow us to say is call mcrosoft or call linksys, but we need to
support our families too. just remember that the next time you call
in, this isn directed to you but anyone that calls in, i just hope you
can maybe you can understand.Some guy atually threatned my life toay
while on the phone. When you or anyone else calls we are nice even
though we just got a new asswhole torn itno us by the prev call, i
take over 60 calls in a 7 hour shift and almost half of them i get
bitched at and i have to blo it off and takethe next call. So please
spread the word, send his to freinds and family who have cox,the peole
i work with are al great people who work for a shit whole company.


re: tech support person by PJinPHX Thu August 20, 2009 @ 6:06 AM
by ball Posted Tue March 25, 2008 @ 1:13 AM

Add me to the list!!!! Instead of running down the list of why I
loathe Cox communications. I will simply say that I have absolutely
nothing good to say. I could almost say verbatum what the original
poster posted. However my internet service is fairly decent. The price
is not, $41.95 a month, absolutely ridiculous!!! Cox is rolling in the
dough and laughing all the way to the bank, and we get screwed because
there is no competition. If you are not a home owner you are limited
to the cable provider that services your apt. or condo. Some HOAs do
not allow for dishes or other means of obtaining a signal. In my case
I am stuck with Cox until I move, then I will do whatever it takes to
give them the boot. Bottom line I do not give them a recommendation. I
experience severe "tiling" at least once a month. They come out, it is
always something out in the street, not in my home, everything in my
home is either new or meets the requirements. Yet relentlessly, they
inconvenience me and my time by sending out a technician. Do they
credit me, yeah $3.95, thats it, yet there is constantly something
wrong with the service. So Cox is going to take us into the digital
age?? Am I ready?? Yes, Cox I am still sitting here waiting for you to
get it right!!! Let me know when we are there. What a pathetic


by vgh Posted Sun March 2, 2008 @ 6:18 PM

They are disgraceful. Cox Communications in Orange County California
is a poor corporate citizen. They are dishonest and abusive. I will
not comment in detail about my experience at this point. it will
suffice to say that their service is poor. They a are habitually rude
and confrontational. I have been a client for 8 years, and left. The
local head, Leo Brennan Vice President & General Manager
Cox Communications
29947 Avenida De Las Banderas
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
did not even dignify a response to my letter. It is a sad commentary
on service in our country.

by K Fox Posted Tue January 22, 2008 @ 5:32 PM

I am a brand new customre of 2 weeks and am going to swicth to anotehr
compay--I don't care if the new place I slect is more expenise or
not--Cox is rude, they do no respond to my calls or emails (Eric
Hooper was my sales person and is completely unprofessional), they
forgot my order and were a week late, offerd me a promotion of $75 for
three months--sent me a bill at full price, did not knock off the
discounts for my complaints on my bill--they are AWFUL

by Mabait Pagtulog Posted Sat January 5, 2008 @ 12:52 PM

Beware of Cox' bait and switch tactics. Here how it goes..
They have 4 Internet plans: Economy($17), Value($27), Preferred ($42),
and Premier ($57). When you call them, the sales people will offer you
the most expensive plan right away and it's up to the customer to find
out about the cheaper plans. If you happen to get any of the cheaper
plans, they will put a very low bandwidth cap on you (1GB per month
for Value) and if you exceed that cap, they will disconnect you
without notice. When you call them to inquire about the disconnection,
they will tell you to upgrade to a more expensive plan. Most people
will just believe Cox bandwidth claims because they don't understand
it and they will upgrade.
Cox really have just one plan, the expensive plan. If you're not on it
yet, Cox will make you. Cox is all about getting every penny from
their customers.

Do Cox call low-bandwidth Internet users that are paying premium to
tell them they should subscribe to a cheaper plan? Of course not.
That's money to their pocket. Stay away from Cox.
Cox sucks!


by FG Posted Sun December 9, 2007 @ 1:00 AM

I agree 100% , I recently found out they are capping our internet
at 45 gb a month down stream and 10-15 gb month for upstream and tried
to force me to pay extra to share my cable with a second pc , which is
part of my windows OS .
We are currently in the process of switching over to at&t yahoo dsl
so we can get rid of cox altogether .Cox cable always goes off on the
tv and gets seriously blocked into little blocks alot , the internet
is always going offline sometimes for days, they say " it's your pc"
I say " it's their shitty damn service " .
To anyone deciding on cox as a service your wasting your money &
your time avoid them if you have a choice !! .

by cox billing Posted Mon November 19, 2007 @ 10:50 PM

Not paying bills on time means late payment fees. Most customers seem
to not understand that they pay for the month ahead. If they actually
paid on time, they would not carry a past due - simple as that.

Billing / Customer service / and/or Technical are separate things;
separate departments. If you worked in sales, you could not possibly
answer a technical question - most customers don't seem to understand
that just because you pressed "0" 16 times it wont connect you to the
right department.

Also reason you have to speak with an automated system, is to slow
down the incoming calls to the call center in order to be able to
process the calls. your call is really not that urgent, even if cox
agrees with you, it is - well, its not.

One important thing to be learned about Cox Communications Inc., is
that they do well, financially mostly thanks to customers who don't
understand the concept of billing and paying on time - carrying huge
account balances for a phone/hsi services - and not reading the bill
correctly - between late fee, returned payment fees, and digital
service/gateway fees (aka signal - a funny charge if you think about
it - no really, think, go ahead), Cox is doing super well.

See, it does not matter if Cox been billing you annually for a DVR/HD
converter you never had, because on back of your bill, it reads, yes -
in section you never read - you have 30 days to dispute charges.

check your equipments at home vs. what you are paying on the bill;
most of you, will have no problem lowering your monthly charges - get

oh, and the btw, sales department at cox, is a sales department, same
sales mentality found at a car dealership or a loan shark; it all
leads to one thing --> sell anyway.

Sales are like cheating partners; they would tell you anything to get
away with it.


Cox Billing Sucks Too by Jack Bolsen Fri December 21, 2007 @ 10:44 AM
by john doah Posted Wed November 14, 2007 @ 3:19 AM

Add me to the list. I have had it with their one sided customer
service ,especially if you get thru the prompts. Their internet
service will go off for no reason and when you go to them for tech
support they always try to lay blame on your router or something else.
I am at the edge and getting ready to go for DSL. And then Cox has the
nerve to taunt their voip phone service. That would be a hoot...Then
you could not call up to get blame laid on your router when their
system failed. YEAH cox SUCKS!


by avictor Posted Wed October 10, 2007 @ 1:39 PM


by krabenmeister Posted Sat September 8, 2007 @ 5:12 PM

I am a professor of Computer Science, and since
I am doing quite a bit of paper writing at home these days I decided
to get high speed internet access from home. I also had them get me
cable TV for both the living and master bed room last week. Cox had to
come out to my house because the first time they forgot to take out a
"trap" outside my house, which had made both my cable boxes to
constantly crash and reboot.

My high speed worked for less than a week and stopped working the day
after the TV was fixed. It went down from one moment to the next
Thursday night. Now, since I am an IT person I did the usual things to
revive the connection but to no avail. Yes, I reset the modem...
I called Cox. I got a response I had gotten used to by now: Scripted
and robot-like. "Modems are like cars, they sometimes do not work."
This is what I was told by the Cox person. (Give me a break.) They
said the only time they could come out on Monday after the weekend. Oh
well. Fine.
On Saturday one of my TV cable boxes started to reboot again. When I
called I mentioned that someone was coming out on Monday anyways for
my internet connection. I was informed that I had misunderstood:
"Monday" did not mean this Monday, but the Monday in ten days!

After much fuss, they will come this Monday after all... It is Sunday
now, but I am skeptical. I am typing this from my laptop connected
through a phone modem.
Under Linux, I might add... ;-)

by StoneCold420 Posted Sat August 18, 2007 @ 3:36 PM

Fuck Cox Communication they confiscated my HDTV DVR boxes and shut off
my 12mbit internet connection and the only reason they give me is
agressive actions and unwelcome behavior. To the best of my knowledge
the only thing I can recall is complaining that their HDTV DVR that I
had $300 worth of pay per view programs on had quit working properly
and now Im out the $300 for the programs I paid for with no way to
recover them so I let them know in no uncertain terms that I thought
that was utter and complete fucking bullshit whether they liked it or
not. Their only remedy was to give me another new DVR and after i had
another $200 worth of PPV programs recorded on it then they decide to
come and confiscate the cable boxes. As a long time Cox customer who
had a substantial cable bill every month between $100 - $200 a month
for Cox services I find this to be fucking bullshit. When i first
signed up for cox high spped internet i was told it was unlimited
access but being a power user of the usenet maybe they didnt like the
fact that in the last 30 days i downloaded 350 GB and uploaded 30 - 40
GB theu my premium paid usenetserver.com account but hey their
technicians brag that they have 10 times more bandwidth then they ever
use so what the fuck is going on here? If they had a problem with the
bandwidth used then they should have contacted me to resolve the
issue. Is there any way as a customer to sue Cox for termination of
services or is it a losing battle before it ever gets going legally???


by James Hanna Posted Mon April 23, 2007 @ 12:52 AM

I really hate Cox Communications.

I always have trouble having it disconnect while I'm trying to play a
game or something. I won't say that I don't have good connections
most of the time, but man, when there's a problem, things are totally
F'ed up. I like playing World of Warcraft, and I'm not sure but it
seems every Sunday there's a bunch of times I'm getting disconnected,
or slow connections. It really pisses me off because my dad just got
DSL thru AT&T/SBC and for like half the money or so, he was having
slightly slower download speeds, but his connection to games was
pretty much as good as mine usually. What a pain in the ass, I would
switch to DSL, but there's something wrong with my phone wiring in my
house and I'd have to replace everything in it to switch over, but I
dont' have the time or money to do so. :(

Also to add to the irritation, not lately, but for almost a month or
two, my internet connection was just totally F'ed. Almost every other
day, I would be getting disconnected for several hours and when it
would connect it was slow as shit. I even had techs come out to my
house and had them diagnose the problem. Well, the guy I had come out
said that he thought the cable coming from the alley in the back of
the house was the problem and wanted to change it out (thankfully not
charged for it.) So thats what he did, and I had a good connection
for like... a day or 2, and then it went to shit with this
disconnecting for a few hours or so, and then slow ass connection and
then a good connection for maybe what would seem a hour or so.

3===D (( (

by Barry White Posted Sat March 24, 2007 @ 12:38 AM

Learn how to spell you stupid Arkansas inbred

by Barry White Posted Sat March 24, 2007 @ 12:38 AM

Learn how to spell you stupid Arkansas inbred


by Curmudgeon Cal Posted Mon January 29, 2007 @ 4:34 PM

In 2002, I had Cox Cable & Internet in Orange County, CA. They have
screwed up my credit scores, and here is the story.
I had to move quickly for a new job, so told Cox my cable box and
router were in the rental condo they delivered it to. They wanted me
to physically drive about 20 miles to their office and deliver it
there. I told them I was moved already and not near the unit and
since they delivered it there, they should get it there (via the
landlord or new renter). Instead, they billed me $225 for the two
devices, and I did not pay, holding to the belief that if they
delivered the units, they should pick them up rather than have a
surprise requirement that I drive 20 miles and two hours (So. Calif
traffic) to return the items.

So, they turned the items over to a collection agent who put TWO (not
one) notices on my credit record - the amounts of $110 and $115 were
not combined on one reported item, but two, which harms credit scores
more. I ignored it, but now those two little items are causing
problems getting a credit score to get a loan. In the past, I had
tried to contact Cox, but the credit agency info for the collection
agencies was inaccurate.

So, this week, 1/29/2007, I got a copy of all three credit agency
reports, and the two items were listed as "Cox Communications" with 10
digit account numbers and NO contact info. Not one of the three credit
reporting agencies had any contact phone or info on the collection
agency reporting the items. After calling (I have detailed notes on
this), Cox in California at two different numbers and waiting 10
minutes on each, they found the two items in THEIR accounting system
and said they could take payment, but NOT guarantee removal of the
credit notices on my credit reports - "that is up to the collection
agency - call them..." and they gave me the number of Credit
Protection Assoc. (CPA) in Texas. So, I did not pay Cox, and I called
one CPA 800 number , it was answered, and she said "wrong dept" and
gave me another direct dial TX number. I called them and because I did
not have a "11 digit" reference number, the automated system (no real
person) said I had to call 972-255-6305. I called it and got voice
mail hell, and no real people. Finally, a message said for me to
leave a message, and no more options of waiting. BUT, then it said
"mailbox full"and no options, and hung up.

So I called the first 800 number and talked the clerk into internally
transferring me to a real person - two connections later, waiting 8
min, I got Christina. She could NOT find any account listing for me,
using the 10 digit account numbers listed on my credit report, or
Cox's original account number, or even using the last digits of my
social security number and last name. So, they don't have me listed.
I am guessing that in 2002 Cox gave the collection item to a firm that
is now out of business, and neither Cox or the credit reporting
agencies list a contact.

So, I looked up the HQ office of Cox parent company in Atlanta at
Cox.com. I found the annual report, got the HQ phone number, and
found the page listing Corporate Officers (I used to work in big
companies as a Director, Internal Audit, so I know how they work).

I called the General Counsel's office by name (their top attorney)
and got HIS personal voice mail, so left a description of the problem
(without yelling so far), and that I wanted an adult to call back to
fix this problem. And, I said I would start calling a corporate
officer each day until I got this fixed (I assume I have to pay the
money since they blackmail you with credit reporting systems, but I
want clear assurance the TWO Collection Notices will be removed from
all three credit reporting agencies.

Oh, and I also reported this issue of lack of proper contact info and
lack of proper account codes to Equifax (their online form). And, I
reported the credit agencies to FTC.gov for publishing negative info
on reports without accurate contact info and account info.

We all have problems with different businesses, but when they try to
bury you in automated systems, I encourage you to make it hard on them
so maybe they will fix their systems and prevent repetition for
others. Oh, and I researched "Cox Sucks" on the internet, found this
site, and wrote this so there is a public record. Why does Cox give
customer data to a collection firm that cannot be located and uses
bogus account info on credit reports?

Curmudgeon Cal (now in Florida!)


Cox may suck, but YOU damaged your credit rating. by MissAnneThrope Sat February 10, 2007 @ 3:16 PM

Credit by ball Tue March 25, 2008 @ 1:37 AM
by Curmudgeon Cal Posted Mon January 29, 2007 @ 4:05 PM

Here is a copy of more "comments" posted in 2005 and 2006 about Cox
Cable from another website that closed. I got it from the cached
Google search.

Cox Sucks
Filed under: General

I've been offline for the last 24 hours due to problems with Cox
Communications. My cable modem wasn't getting a DHCP license and the
customer support folks were clueless. After a couple hours DHCP
started working but other things were failing "Initialize Baseline
Privacy". It seems putting the modem on it's own jack instead of a
splitter fixed this, even though the splitter has worked fine for 6
months. I think the storm yesterday did something to the splitter (if
that's possible).

Also, I've tweaked the way comments are displayed. Hopefully this is
easier to read and follow. It'd have to be, the old version sucked so
bad I couldn't even follow it.

Posted on April 21, 2005 |

1 At 12:28 am on May 12, 2005, Greg wrote:

COX SUX! I have had little to no service for 2 days now and find
"customer Service" a real piss off when I finally get thru. These
people really are looking to be unemployed!
2 At 12:31 am on May 12, 2005, Greg wrote:

COX SUX! I have had little to no service for 2 days now and find
"customer Service" a real piss off when I finally get thru. These
people really are looking to be unemployed!
3 At 12:32 am on May 12, 2005, Greg wrote:

Sorry for the double post but I still have very little service -
now at 48 hours.
4 At 4:43 pm on June 20, 2005, PoopChute wrote:

Yeah Cox sux. That's the way of monopolies. BLAAAAAAAH!
5 At 11:51 pm on June 30, 2005, I_h8t_cx wrote:

Cox Communications has the absolute WORST customer service!!!!!
They are unreliable and couldn't keep thier networking if the world
depended on it.
6 At 10:21 am on July 23, 2005, Nino wrote:


We are starting a campaign to control Cox's expansion.
Cox is over charging and not providing.
To charge more and have more power, Cox spends more money for the
lobbyist and other government people than paying his technicians who
could fix the problems.
Cox is like china's Government who is sucking America's blood and
laughing at us with the help of our government for the past many

4 years of service with Cox, and never had a good service, we lost
clients, and the rest are very angry.
At home service is poor, and is not what they say in their

Call your senator to stop Cox monopoly. Contact your state
government and file a claim.

I would pay more to another company, if there was any.

Scottsdale, AZ
7 At 5:04 pm on September 29, 2005, Chris wrote:

I have cox too with to many problems.. cannot keep f-ing signal
for nothing i'm always loosing cable\data light,, they cant tell me
why or whats going on.. Before i had another issue always lost signal
but all lights still on... what the heck is with this company. i'm
paying way to much for garbage.. funny thing is everytime i have a rep
come out they say its something to do with my computer , but they
never check anything, they never do jack out here..Plus the cable
light goes off and that means its not on my side.. Damn Rip off artist
8 At 9:04 pm on October 5, 2005, Kevin wrote:

Agreed Cox sux. I signed up for cable, internet and phone 3 months
ago. So far I have switched telephony and am considering moving
cable...It took them a week to get internet going but all has been OK
since then.

It's not even winter yet but COX Communications is on thin ice
with me!
9 At 4:04 pm on January 3, 2006, Steve wrote:

I've been waiting for 2 months to get cable and internet service
through Cocks...I mean Cox. I've gotten nothing but the run-around
from their uhhh Customer Service, several promised install dates that
haven't taken place and their CS just keeps trying to repeat the same
things over and over again everytime I call. They can't seem to get it
through theirs heads that I want some actual answers, just just the
same talking points.

They suck.

Their service once installed better not suck as much as they do as
a company.
10 At 9:45 am on January 5, 2006, Dan wrote:

I've had probelms with spotty service for the last year with these
dick heads. Their customer serivce is horrendous and their tech
support can't do anymore than read off a script.

Today I called and complained because I've been offline for more
than 12 hours and told them I wanted a credit. The dick on the other
end of the phone told me that they don't credit until after 24 hours
of outage and it states that on the back of my bill. I told him I
could read that since I'm billed electronically. At that point I told
him I would need to look into getting Verizon DSL. His response was,
"cool." Nice job...why to retain your customers.

I'm thinking about getting a class action lawsuit started. Anyone
else interested?
11 At 8:10 pm on January 18, 2006, Your Technical Buddy wrote:

You know, I work for Cox communications technical support. I just
want to make mention to the guy earlier that, its the reason that the
service is down all the time that I have a job. So...Until the
customers decide to educate them selves on how to powercycle a modem
all by themselves, I have great job security. Have a nice day losers.
12 At 8:19 pm on January 18, 2006, Travis wrote:

Power cycling the modem never fixed my problems. Plus, having to
power cycle the modem all the time isn't exactly a good thing.
13 At 5:27 pm on January 31, 2006, Ticked off wrote:

I too, have had nothing but run arounds from these assholes. It's
always my fault when it's not working right and when they do decide to
come out, it's normally a couple days later.

I pay them well over $100 a month for everything and there's
always something going wrong with their service.

For the guy who said he's a Cox tech person, get a life you moron.
Maybe if you spent more time learning about the problems you're
supposed to fix instead of reading Cox rant boards, we wouldn't have
these problems.

Well, if Cox ever fires you there's alwasy Best Buy... you putz.
14 At 7:15 am on February 5, 2006, Bob wrote:

Cox - their shop hours require people to take time off work to get
something fixed - if they can find a time slot within a normal life
span. Their charges are outragious. I have been in three 3rd world
countries where cable service 150 channels - including at least 3
movie channels cost US dollars $8.00 to $10.00. SOme how these
companies over there are making a profit. SOmehow their customer
service actually acknowledges the customer. Something COX has yet to
learn. Oh well, Super Bowl and no COX cable - am told maybe they can
give me a slot - in the middle of the day - sometime next week.
15 At 1:30 am on February 7, 2006, You.make.me.sick wrote:

Quote - "Cox - their shop hours require people to take time off
work to get something fixed - if they can find a time slot within a
normal life span."

Time slots in 2 hour increments, 7 days a week, nearly 365 days a
year (I do believe they give their field techs Christmas and
thanksgiving off) from 8 am till 7 pm. If you have a business account
you're guaranteed a field technician within 2 hours 24/7 365.

Quote - "Their charges are outragious. I have been in three 3rd
world countries where cable service 150 channels - including at least
3 movie channels cost US dollars $8.00 to $10.00. SOme how these
companies over there are making a profit.."

Care to name off the third world countries you've been
frequenting? In most cases the satellite feeds would have been donated
to help educate and modernize their people, not to make money. The
television feeds are being distributed/overseen by the Government.
Here's a thought, maybe the United States should take on this method.
Oh wait, we're not a third world country.

COX has plenty of competition in every category in EVERY market
they provide service. Cable companies are no longer monopolies. With
companies like DirecTV, EchoStar/DISH Network for television and every
ISP that has DSL or RF/Satellite internet service.

Quote- "SOmehow their customer service actually acknowledges the
customer. Something COX has yet to learn. Oh well, Super Bowl and no
COX cable - am told maybe they can give me a slot - in the middle of
the day - sometime next week. "

I'm willing to bet it turned out you were in an outage and it was
cleared before the game even started. Furthermore, you could have been
to Wal-Mart and back to buy and install a $5 antennae in the time it
took you to search and find this post.

Stop bitching and complaining. If you don't like the service then
please, I beg you, go to another provider. Then, after you've been
royally shafted by them, light-years from what you've mentioned in
your post about Cox, they will be right there waiting for you.

-Your friend in the Digital Age
16 At 9:57 pm on February 7, 2006, Coxsuksthebig1 wrote:

Cox customer service reps tried to steal a modem we paid for by
insisting we had only rented it. After 12 days of arguing with them
and forcing them to research their records, Cox finally admitted the
modem is ours and returned it... and then promptly turned off our
other modem without telling us. When asked why they did this their
explanation is that we have to pay 2 monthly service charges for
having 2 modems. I asked why they charge 2 service charges for 2
modems when they only charge 1 service charge for the 5 TVs we have
hooked up to their cable. Their response (and I quote): "That's
comparing apples to oranges, sir. If you own 2 cars you have to pay
twice to register them both, don't you?"

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm... cable internet... car registration. Who's
comparing apples to oranges??????? I salute the executives at Cox who,
in their ignorance, hire exceptionally stupid people to defend
irrational company policy with moronic reasoning such as mentioned
above. These dim-wits are just as bad, if not worse than the
foreigners Dell uses for customer service... except these idiots live
and work in our own neighborhoods.

By the way... none of Cox' brochures, policy statements, or terms
of service statements, whether printed, or located on their website,
state that customers must pay 2 monthly service charges if they have 2
modems. The dim-wit I spoke to insisted that it was in writing in
their terms of service but could not show me where. She promised to
find it and send a printed copy to me. Guess they'll have to print new
17 At 9:27 pm on February 10, 2006, thangry Customer wrote:

I tried to order COX services online, there were issues with the
account and I had to go to their digital store. They signed me up for
services and now they want to charge me a installation fee for all the
services since I have signed up for services in their store.

This was my 5th call to their Customer Service Center without a
resolution. I threatened canceling my services (oh dish here I come)
and they said a supervisor will call me. We'll see how that goes.
18 At 3:54 pm on February 13, 2006, Gouged wrote:

Yes, I've been quite disappointed with Cox' cable tv service. In
fact mine is out right now and has been out for 32 hours and counting
. . . tick, tick, tick. After waiting on hold for 45 min. and trying
to check online for anoutage in the area I was told that there is no
outage in my area, so they can't send someone for several days (no
problem it's only the Olympics, an everyday event). A few hours before
the appointment they'll call the house and probably get my
discombobulated 97 year old grandfather and decide that there's no one
home and not show up at all. It's happened before, despite the fact
that I make a point of being home before the assigned time and an hour
afterwards and request that they not call, just show up.

The cable service goes out regularly. The splitter is waterlogged,
the cable insulation has eroded, the signal has weak and on and on.
Sometimes it goes out for hours everyday for a week or more, but they
charge me full price because of the '24 consecutive hours rule'. So,
theoretically, they can cut out 23 hours of everyday and still charge
me full service as long it's on for an hour in between?

For years now, I've had service calls every few months and every
time, without exception it is Cox' problem. Yet, the price of my cable
keeps going up. So, why do I have substandard equipment?

The county I live in actually threatened to sue Cox and did impose
some heavy fines for their mismanagement of the new cable
installation. As a result, the phone company is now having trouble
getting permits to maintain their fiberoptics and lay down new lines.
Nice going Cox. No one needs phone service. (It also ensures that Cox
has a monopoly since Verizon can't lay the lines for FIOS service in
some areas as a result of the Cox flub.)

Cox finally got the cables installed and the price jumped $20 and
more for everyone for digital service. I don't have HD TV. I don't
want digital service. But, I have it because there is no other

Not only do I have to pay for a service that I don't want, they
either can't or won't configure it how I would like. The upstairs
television is the one that gets used the most, so I would like the
digital channels above 100 for that television. But, Cox says only the
first box on the circuit can receive digital. They either can't or
won't reroute so that the upstairs television is the first on the
circuit. Yet, I have to pay for digital service.

The customer service is not very good at all. At least they've
switched away from the completely automated system where you never
reach a person. But, it isn't much better when they ask for info like
your social security, which they have no right to be using as a means
of identification. And then refuse to simply reset the cable box from
their end as occassionally required by the message that says 'please
contact cox at blah, blah, blah'. So my daughter has to wait until I
get home from work because of some crap on their end?

So, anyway, to the original poster. I have DSL and have chosen to
keep it because of the poor and unreliable service I get from Cox. I
haven't needed a service call with DSL (unlike with Cox). And, I've
never been down for 24 hours (exept with power outages, but that's not
DSL's problem). If I had Cox I wouldn't be able to be online to type
this message right now. I suppose they'd prefer that.

Additionatlly, the DSL premiums have dropped periodically while
the price I'm paying for cable has nearly doubled in the last decade.
From my experiences with Cox, I would definitely consider alternatives
if they are available to you.
19 At 9:04 pm on February 23, 2006, Cox Really Suck's wrote:

I have had cox for about 5 years now. I just want to say all the
cox tech's weather it be the one you call or the ones who come out.
Are about as educated as Monkey's. I could trace the problem down
before those idiots could fight ther way out of a wet paper sack.

The last tech guy who came to my house couldn't even remember how
to run a tracert.
There tech line is an even bigger joke.

My connection has ben screwed up for about the last year. Cause
they are runing old hardware that cant keep up with the demand. So
usualy between 6 pm and 11 pm I ping like I am on dialup.

There response is we cant find anything wrong. But I can run a
tracrt and see that hop 2 is where my connection is going from 10 to
300 ms. Duhhhhhhhhh Cox tech's
20 At 8:22 pm on May 2, 2006, tsvas wrote:

COX is the worst Internet service provider in the world. Worst
customer service, worst service.
21 At 1:58 pm on May 16, 2006, Pissed Off Customer wrote:

My Great and Powerful Cox High Speed Internet has been having
problems ever since I got it last year. For no apparent reason, my
modem will just disconnect and have the fun blinking cable light for
hours or days on end...

This last October the problems got worse, it was once offline for
a couple of hours a week, then that turned into days, then for nearly
four weeks straight...

Technician after technician came out here got it back online for
about two or three hours, half a day at most, then it would go out
again. Everytime they came out, suddenly it was a different problem
then before, and something else had to be changed out.

Near the end of the four weeks, I called up their customer service
center(My best friends in the digital age) and calmly explained to
them, since my internet was out, and my phone works through the
internet, my family had NO way to call 911 if they needed to do so in
an emergency. I further explained to them since they were not able to
fix my internet problem after several visits to my residence, I would
be holding Cox liable for any damages which would occur as a result to
not having emergency life saving services available(I.E. 911, fire,
police,etc.) because of their complete failure to provide the service
I'm paying for. I further explained I would be filing a compliant with
the BBB.

Well, suddenly, the very next day a tech (with some new found free
time) showed up and actually knew what the fuck he was doing and
didn't blame the customer for the problem. And holy shit, yes the
modem came back online and stayed online for the next two weeks
without a problem.

Just recently though, we've started having problems again, and
yesterday another tech came out and said the problem was caused by
some kind of feedback with our older tv sets we had connected. Somehow
that was causing some problems with our internet. Yeah, okay. So, my
wife and I brought up our three hundred pound huge entertainment
center TV upstairs to our living room and disconnected both of our
older tv's. Sure enough it appeared to work. My wife and I actually,
went and looked for new tv's last night,thanks be to the Lord for
keeping us from buying one, because as soon as we got home, guess what
wasn't working again? HHHHMMmmmm.... so what was the problem again
shitbag tech? "Huh yeah, you need to go out and buy new tv's, yeah
that's the ticket!" FUCK YOU Cox Communication, FUCK YOU! I'm
personally working with my lawyer friend of mine researching how we
may prepare a class action lawsuit for consumer fraud, inability to
provide purchased services, and failure to honor enrolled contracts.
So, I would think it would be a great idea for everyone to stay tuned
for more information to come soon! I would like to use all of you as
witnesses for the case, and I wish to fully take these sons-of-bitches
straight to the bank, that's clearly the only thing which will get
their attention refocused on the customer.


Cox Sucks by COX CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT. Mon November 19, 2007 @ 1:00 AM

COX Techs by ball Tue March 25, 2008 @ 2:01 AM
by dj lee Posted Mon January 22, 2007 @ 8:04 PM

I had COX and boy did i had issues with them cable Tv and High speed.
I built alot of website and I had FTP issues with COX communicate with
the server. i tried everything with them and made numerous calls over
a 3 weeks time and all is I get is runaround. I don't think the
workers are idiots but they are just PUPPETS the follow a script that
they have no control over. I suggest dont even bother with cox and go
for dish sat and DSL. I feel so sorry for those people that have
cox. So i have to say COX do


by dghdth adteharth Posted Sun November 5, 2006 @ 1:18 AM

cox is a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
blocked too many port for no good reason , just switched from qwest to
coz last week , and i went back to qwest this week cox
you can't run web server , or any kind of servers! you need to upgrade
to the bussinse account that cost $100 a month you only can surf the
net and download files thats whats is good for fuck cox am pretty mad
at them coz i cancled my account with qwest fuck


COX suck ports by dj lee Mon January 22, 2007 @ 8:07 PM

Aww, gee... by MissAnneThrope Sat February 10, 2007 @ 3:41 PM

COX TOS (Terms of Service) by Cox R. Wed August 11, 2010 @ 4:03 PM
by Joseph Stevens Posted Tue June 13, 2006 @ 9:20 AM

COX-uckers is the WORST fuggin company on the planet. It wouldn't
surprise me if they were the reason for all of ills of this planet.
They have an apathy that defies comparison!

I wanted to switch ISPs but GUESS WHAT??? Cox is the only broadband
supplier to my doorstep! I FKKN HATE THEM SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Their reps are idiots... if a call goes beyond unplugging the modem
and power-cycling, they have NO ANSWERS!!

I can't count how many times I have been treated rudely,
insensitively, and / or just plain hung-up on by their stellar

And don't get me started on their illustrous billing staff. How is it
that I can be paid-up to date on one month... and the very next month
be behind?!? Once, I had considered paying them a month ahead of
schedule so as to be sooo caught up that they couldn't possibly say
I'm late in my billing, right? DO YOU REALLY THINK SO???

Safe to say that I am SICKENED by their mess or LIES and red-tape and
wish they would go belly-up so the next uncaring, incompassionate
company can take their place... and then I would finally have a choice
in broadband service... yeah right!



Cox Communications by cox billing Mon November 19, 2007 @ 10:42 PM
by tennessee Posted Tue March 14, 2006 @ 12:00 PM

I work for cox com. and yes, they suck No one knows this more so than
I. To sum it up in a few brief words, unorganised, uncarring, not
responsible, and also liars. one more time....THEY DONT CARE! Just
because i am an employee, dont think im a hypocrit. On my shift I
constantly here how bad service is, and do my best to restore it to
normal peramiters, but most of the time it is a problem that cant be
found because it comes from thier broadcast center. And no, I dont
have cable(i love the dish. ssshhhh!)and strongly recomend it. It does
have its drawbacks,almost any thing can disrupt your signal, but there
is less hastle.The internet, though pricey, is amasing. But it to can
be interupted.As far as service is concerned, dish guys are very promt
and effective for resolving your equipment or service problems.
On your side... the cable guy.


thanks for being honest... by dj lee Mon January 22, 2007 @ 8:11 PM

I work for Cox.com by Barry White Sat March 24, 2007 @ 12:48 AM

We ignore you... easy to do. by RayInAZ Fri April 18, 2008 @ 1:43 AM

Cox Sucks Big Time by Xaivier Sinclaire Fri October 12, 2007 @ 6:01 PM

Name your service by RayInAZ Fri April 18, 2008 @ 1:45 AM

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It's October 2010 and Cox service in OC Californis is bad by Kansas Thu October 14, 2010 @ 2:28 AM

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