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Prescription errors and short fills.

Posted Wed December 10, 2008 12:00 pm, by Brad F. written to CVS

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On 04/19/2008 I submitted a prescription for 6 pills of _______ (RX XXX005) to the CVS #9781. I had 8 refills. I requested my 1st refill on 5/21/08, and then my 2nd refill on 6/12/08.

I was not informed at the time of this request or when I picked up the refill that I had requested the refill too early, and that they had taken the liberty without asking for my input to only fill the prescription for 2 pills instead of 6 pills, but CVS did charge me my full co-payment for 1/3 of my prescription.

At that time I made a verbal complaint to the manager, and he made a reasonable and fair adjustment.

On 11/23/2008 I requested a refill of the prescription using the CVS website, but was unable to get to CVS to pickup the prescription until 12/08/2008. I was told that my order would have to be resubmitted as it had been canceled because it had been over 7 days since my request.

I paid for my other two prescriptions, and told the cashier that I would like to pick up the Levitra refill on the 9th or the 10th, because I did not want to wait at the store.

On Dec 10th at 6:37 pm I returned to CVS to pickup this prescription. I spoke with cashier. I told was told by this employee that the prescription was not ready, and no refill request/resubmit had been received or processed on 12/08/2008.

This was very annoying since I would now have to wait in the store to get the prescription filled that I had requested refilled on 12/08/2008.

Then I was told that instead of getting 6 pills I would only get 4 pills, because instead of having one full refill left, I was just now informed that I really only had 2/3 of a refill left because of partial refill that was made back on 6/12/08.

So once again I'm getting a less then full refill, but I'm paying my full co-pay. Once again I am only finding out about this when I am picking up my prescription instead of being informed of this issue on 6/12/08 or even 12/08/08. Had I been informed of this issue I could have contacted my doctor to authorize a full refill.

I feel that the pharmacy staff does not appear to be very customer focused. I find this very strange given the large numbers of competitors in the area (2 Walgreen's and a Longs within 1 miles, and at least 5 non-chain pharmacies). Especially since I fill about $1200 of prescriptions at year at CVS, and probably spend $20 to $50 a month more on non-prescription items. (Check ExtraCare Number: XXXXXXXX7064)

Prescriptions are dispensed as a one month supply. If my doctor prescribes 6 pills for a month, there is a reason for that.

If I'm expecting 6, I should get 6. If there is a reason why I can't get 6, I should be informed as soon as possible so that I can address the issue with either the pharmacy or my doctor. I should not be given 2 pills, and then NOT told these 2 pills will be deducted from my last refill.

Also if I request a refill in person it would be nice if the employee would actually process my request instead of just ignoring it.

I would like to see the pharmacy staff show more customer service instead of just being pill counters.

Also the practice of partially filling prescriptions and charging the full refill price and not informing the customer of this until they get to the checkout is totally unacceptable and financially and medically unethical.


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by ttrx Posted Mon January 26, 2009 @ 6:15 AM

Blame this on you inurance. If you get 1 tablet or 30 tablets your
copay is fixed. Read the fine print of your Insurance. There is a
little devil in te details with using insurance; that is 30 days
supplies. They will typically accommodate the next payment when 80
percent of medication is used up. It varies by plans. It is easy to
blame others for lack of understanding of pharmacy benefits. The
Pharmacist do not work , again I repeat Do NOT work for the insurance
company. If you do not want this to repeat and get your way; I suggest
you pay out of pocket. Or pay more money and get a better plan. Good
luck. As for customer service. I recommend going to a low volume
pharmacy.. they have time to tak to you. High volume pharmacies like
some CVS and Walgreens could care less, and would prefer not to have
the business...There is a thing called being understaffed and

by Sam F. Posted Thu December 18, 2008 @ 6:43 AM

CVS works hard at being the worst pharmacy in the nation.


by Just Plain Harleycat Posted Thu December 11, 2008 @ 8:31 AM

When you call in for a refill, they just take the information. They
don't know it's too soon until they process the order through the
computer. If your prescription is for 6 a month and you filled it on
5/21, then 6/12 is too soon and the pharmacy is correct.

All pharmacies only hold filled prescriptions for a certain period of
time. I believe Rite Aid is 10 days.


CVS daily policy changes by Sam F. Thu December 18, 2008 @ 7:26 AM

by olie Posted Wed December 10, 2008 @ 11:59 PM

Pharmacies can't just refill prescriptions willy-nilly.
For example, my son uses Tylenol 3(with codeine) when he has a
migraine. One fill is 30 pills. Our insurance company and the
pharmacist's "code of ethics" won't let us get 30 pills today and 30
tomorrow. Even if we were willing to pay out of pocket. We'd have to
wait at least 15 days between fills.

Now, if the meds were for post-surgery pain, we might be able to get
more, sooner.

When you received your first short fill, you had the opportunity to
decline, and wait until you could get your entire refill. But
apparently, you, um, couldn't wait that long.


willy-nilly by Brad F Thu December 11, 2008 @ 5:43 PM

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