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Rude pharmacist

Posted Tue December 14, 2004, by Yuki N. written to CVS

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I am writing to inform you of a problem with the pharmacy at one of your stores. The store I'm referring to is at 620 West Pike St. Lawrenceville, Ga 30045.

My daughter (6) was diagnosed with Henoch-Shonlein purpura and we left Scotish rite children's hospital at 9 pm. She was in pain to walk. He doctor called in for medication at the same time. We got to CVS at 9:35.

The cashier tells me that no one called in. Luckily, I had her doctor's home number with me. He tells me that he called in and left a voice mail message. I asked the cashier David Henson to check with the pharmacist Mr. Ankit Patel. He came out to tell me that if the doctor had called in, it would be here. (This is not normal CVS I use but 24 hour open one, so, I wasn't sure if I gave the doctor the right information). I asked him to please check the message. He said he will check the message in 15-20 min. I told him that the doctor was on the phone, so please check. He once again tells me that he will be checking in 15-20 min. to just wait. Doctor had asked to speak to him. So, I asked Mr. Patel to talk. He told me that he doesn't need to talk to any doctors and that the doctor needs to call back.

After 15 min. Mr. Patel called me to write information on the back of scratch paper. First I asked him if he had gotten the message. He just told me to write out the information. I asked him if he would read her diagnose which was on the paper I had with me. He said "It says the name of her diagnose." then I asked him what type of medicaiton she was prescribed. He said "it was her medication to treat her diagnose."

We waited another 20 min. before we got the prescription. We walked out at 10:20. I am not sure if he thought we were not worthy of his service. A lady was waiting for her son's prescription was furious with Mr. Patel for being extremely rude and arrogant. I will never return to CVS at the location as long as the pharmacist is there with the same attitude. The way he behaved is totaly unacceptable.

On average, I would say I visit your store 1-2 times per month, and It's unlikely I would buy from your store in the future. Also, I seriously doubt whether I would recommend your company again.

Here's what I'd like CVS to do: I would like a nicer pharmacist with manners.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I hope you can respond soon.


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