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Posted Fri September 24, 2010 4:42 am, by NATASHA B. written to David's Bridal

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I put a dress on layaway on August 28th 2010 at a store location, (so if my complaint is to the wrong email please inform me to whom I should contact)... I was aware of the cancellation fee if I wanted to cancel my layaway or failure to pay in full, but I didn't know that my layaway dress was non refundable once paid in full!...came in today September 23, 2010 to pay dress off in full and then return dress to get a full refund so I wouldn't have to pay that 10% cancellation fee....I was told by the clerk Jenny P. that the store doesn't do that they would only do an exchange for another dress of equal or greater value!....the reason I wanted to return the dress was so I could get another dress at Davidís Bridal online because it was cheaper than in store...no one told me when I put the dress on layaway that I couldn't return it! So I had to pay the 10% cancellation fee in order to buy the dress online, but I lost $50.80. I feel ripped off! Itís been less the 30days sent the day I put the dress on layaway so I don't understand why even though I was willing to pay the dress in full it wasnít refundable! It makes no sense to me and the dress wasn't on sale or Clarence or anything like that. I also should have been given the layaway brochure and they should have explained that I couldnít return the dress if I put it on layaway beforehandÖ

I would like to get my money back but if thatís not possible at least let the store know they need to inform there customers of the whole layaway policy before using this serviceÖ.Iím going to let other brides know not to use your layaway service unless they are 100% sure they can afford, pay off and are sure that is the dress.


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by RedheadwGlasses Posted Fri September 24, 2010 @ 12:30 PM

From the DB website:

"Items purchased in David's Bridal stores may not be returned or
exchanged, neither in stores nor via mail."

You're lucky the store you were at would even let you do an exchange
at all (even though you weren't interested in that).


by RedheadwGlasses Posted Fri September 24, 2010 @ 12:28 PM

You should have asked about the return policy prior to putting the
dress on layaway. That's a no-brainer.

And at a formal/wedding attire shop such as David's Bridal, it's very
common to have an "all sales final" policy.

I'm willing to bet that there are signs at the counter that state
this, as well as elsewhere in the store.


by Harleycat Posted Fri September 24, 2010 @ 8:50 AM

Most bridal and specialty stores have the same policy. It's posted in
the store and I'm sure it's somewhere on your receipt. This has
nothing to do with the fact that you put it on layaway, it would have
been the same if you paid for the dress outright.


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