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Does Dell Have a Black List??

Posted Sun February 24, 2002, by Dwight S. written to Dell Computer Corporation

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I am writing in the hope that you will be able to address my complaint about the the customer service at Dell Computer Corporation. This has caused me a great deal of frustration.

Here's why I'm writing. Zero Response From DELL
I purchased my computer from Dell in January 2001. Upon receiving it the modem appeared not to work. After my first call to Dell I was sent a new modem, no instructions. Upon calling for install directions I was told I shouldn't have received it and they would send out a tech. I told them I wanted a full refund and they said please be patient we will get the machine going.

In Dell's records they show no records of sending me the first modem. Which I still have because the service tech said he wouldn't take it back because of the circumstances and the fact that Dell said they never sent it. They also say they have no records of a refund request. Imagine that!

I then found out I was contacting the wrong support line because we are a priemier customer. I bought through an employee purchase program our company has bought about $1,000,000 worth of computers from Dell.

After a couple more calls to Dell and service men responding it was stated the motherboard was a problem. I started insisting I wanted my money back like my original request. The tech told me they couldn't do that because the 30 days was up. I told them I had requested the refund prior to 30 days and was not informed if I chose to forego the refund for repairs that there would be no refund.

They finally offered to replace the computer. I told them I wanted a full refund. They said they couldn't authorize that and a supervisor would call me. No response period. I finally called back and complained and the rep tried to handle the call but I insisted on talking to a supervisor. Again they took my number and said they would call back. No response to this day.

I then sent certified letters with return notices, to Michael Dell, and all the VP's at Dell along with the one to the service dept. To this day my only response to those letters was the return cards.

I finally quit paying Dell Financial Services. That got a response in two months. They were quite friendly but assured me they really weren't part of Dell. I made up the payments and tried to contact Dell via e-mail as everytime on the phone it was a 1/2 hour to 2 hours and no return calls from supervisors.

I stopped paying Dell Financial Services (DFS) again. This time for almost 3 months. That of course got a response again. This time I spent 3 hours of being transfered and put on hold. But I did discover DFS who said they couldn't contact Dell and were only a bank taking care of Dell's payments did have a direct contact with Dell. Apparently they don't mind lieing either.

This phone call in Sept. yielded the fact that my letters were on file with Dell and that they indeed were crafting a response to the letter which I could expect in the future. They gave me a response number for the letter. I am still waiting for that response. Which I am sure is okay because they didn't define future.

I have e-mailed Dell again recently through their priemier support system and got my customary survey response and note telling me they would respond back in the next 48 hours or so. Filled out the survey and am still waiting. That was a week ago.

My machine
My service tag: G2BCB01
Express code: 34968499633
Inspiron 8000

My original complaint:
The second one that actually has a number assigned to it.

Please help.

My modem won't connect any faster then 24000bps on any phone lines I have tried it on. My personal desktop at home connects at 28800bps. I took this computer to our office where we have a T1 line and it won't connect any faster the 24000bps. Our old compaq connects on this line at 56000bps. My computer has an LT modem. At our office we have several new Latitudes for my group. These have Xircom modems and also will only connect at 24000bps to 26000bps on the T1 line. This appears to be a config problem in the laptops considering my personal unit the 8000 and up to 8 other units purchased recently are having this problem. Our company IS person was due up today but got snowed out and won't be in for a week. I need help on my personal Inspiron 8000 now as it is keeping me from communicating with my office computer in a reasonable fashion. We have two separate T1 lines at each of our offices and this computer connects at 24000bps at both. I feel there must be a configuration problem causing this but am not familiar with modem configuration.

Thank you very much for your help. I really like this site and ability to work like this.
Dwight Schneider

Case # for modem problem 200113152126

8-20-01 at 8:10 pm

Spoke with Danielle 1-877-882-6087 with Dell Financial Services. She said it would not be a black mark on our credit until 3 months late. She also said she would note it on the system that we are having problems with Dell and that we would not receive another call back until we were 3 months past due.


The following letter was sent with 11 pages of e-mails to Dell tech support which I won't attach to this note.

This same letter went to all VP's and Michael Dell. It also was sent to the DFS and the manager of Tech Support (whoever he/she is).


Kevin B. Rollins
President COO
Dell Computer Corp.
One Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682

Dear Kevin B. Rollins:

Your assistance in looking into this matter would be appreciated.

One of the reasons I bought a Dell was your highly rated customer service. I believe now that the high ratings only come on tech support. If it goes beyond and lands in the customer care dept. your ratings are as bad as the rest.

I have twice asked to speak to a supervisor as you will see in the enclosed copies. Neither time did I receive even a notice that I had called. I have e-mailed customer care at least 3 times. The most recent twice last week. The only notice I got back was a survey on how I rated customer care/tech support, so I know you have received the e-mails. To date I have not even received a, 'we are checking into your problem.'

Would you tolerate this kind of care from a top rated manufacturer?

This being the case I consider my contract with Dell void and refuse to continue any payments to Dell. I do not want a credit for what I have paid. I do not want a new machine as I don't want to put up with this kind of problems. Is this a bad deal for Dell? They get $500 for a computer you are basically going to have to replace anyway. You can put it in your remanufactured sales and sell it again. And you get a mad customer to shut-up. If I have to keep this thing or take a replacement and continue to pay Dell I will let every friend and employee know my feelings about Dell. Now I know that is a relatively small group today but they all know someone too. It is simple marketing 1 infuriated customer will cost you ten to twenty fold immediately in his immediate friends and family. This isn't blackmail this is general conversation with friends and family. I have studied marketing and advertising for the last 16 years and thoroughly understand it. If you take this back and my $500 I will even sign an agreement to shut-up and go on with life. The profits you will make from the people I tell that my computer wasn't good but Dell settled our problems satisfactorily will more then pay for anything you lost on me. I will even give you a free marketing lesson on how to increase your profits by simply taking care of problems satisfactorily with customers.

The sad part about this is that prior to this deal even though I owned an IBM that ran flawless for 3 years and had an IBM at work that ran flawless for 2 years I always told everyone I would buy a Dell no matter what brand they were talking about purchasing.

I purchased this computer through the Employee Purchase Program. I know you can go to my employer and tell them what a jerk I am for writing all this. And with our company they would chastise me for damaging a good deal for everyone. However, would you not tell your friends at work about a bad experience like this with the new Mercedes you bought 6 months ago. And even more so if you were harassed by your employer, just maybe not to your employees. How would you like to be in this situation and how would you handle it?

I would like to resolve this deal with Dell. At one point I was planning on just letting you repo the machine. However, it now looks like we may be moving and need a loan on a home so I don't think I want this on my credit report. So I suppose you have me over a barrel. I still may take the repo hit, explain it to the banks along with taking in all these letters and e-mails. At least the banks will see I had at least somewhat of a ligit beef and the Dell story too to make their own decision.

Anyway your help would be appreciated. I am not a complainer normally, this is my first ever problem like this in the last 28 years of being out on my own. I cannot remember one warranty issue on single big ticket item I have purchased. I have been very lucky and take good care of anything I buy. I was a big Dell supporter prior to this and recommended Dell to everyone. You surely don't want your business ran like this and you didn't get to where you are today by running it like this.


Dwight Schneider

PS: I have quit paying on my bill and have received a call from them saying I am late. I have returned the call and told them of my problems. This is quite a step for me that I have struggled with because for the last 28 years, since I was 18 and got my first loan, I have had perfect credit. I had also taken the liberty to forward them everything you have gotten in this envelope.

I've been dissatisfied with your company in the past, so this doesn't surprise me. You should know that I don't plan to buy products from your company again. Also, I plan to tell my friends about this negative experience.

Stick this computer where...... Well you know. I will walk away from what I have paid them if they will cancel the rest of the loan and mark it paid in full and will send this computer back to them. They can put it on their used computer sale and let some other sucker suffer. Maybe someday Dell will cease to exist because they all go to jail for fraud.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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