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The Nightmare that is Dell Customer Service - Impossible to Initiate Return on TV

Posted Wed December 9, 2015 6:30 pm, by Mike F. written to Dell Computer Corporation

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So I purchased a TV from Dell.com on November 30, 2015.(Purchase ID # 2005410052143.) It seemed like a good deal and I thought that it would fit my needs.

When it arrived, I was excited to get it going - but unfortunately the picture quality is really poor. I don't know if the unit I have is defective or if the model is just crummy. I really cant use this TV as it is substantially lower picture quality than my current one I was trying to upgrade from.

I decided to return it...so I went online to initiate a return. For some reason, despite an initiate return function online, it would not allow me to - no explanation as to why, it just told me I would have to contact customer service. This is where the nightmare begins.

On 12/4, I called the 800 number, and told the automated system I needed to initiate a return. After waiting 45 minutes, I never got through to a human and gave up. I went online and used the contact support function - and received an automated email saying they would contact me within 1 day to handle the return. This never happened.

On 12/9, I placed a call a little before noon to the customer service line to get this dealt with. I gave the automated system my order information and told it I needed to process a return.

After 45 minutes on hold, I spoke to an Indian gentleman. After asking for my order information and asking why I was calling, he informed me that he would have to transfer me to a returns-only department since he could not help me.

After another 50 minutes on hold, I spoke to another gentleman of strong foreign accent (possibly middle eastern?) He again asked for my order information and why I was calling. After getting my information, he told me that because the TV was under $200 (after tax it was $198), he could not help me and would have to send me back to the basic customer service.

I complained, told him how long I'd been on hold, and he asked to put me on hold to "See what he could do for me." After another 10 minutes on hold, he came back and offered me $20 to keep the TV, or he would have to send me back to the customer service queue. I asked to speak to a manager; he put me back on hold.

After another 30 minutes, I speak to another Indian guy (apparently they have 2 call centers that just shuffle people back and forth). I ask if he is a manager, he informs me that he is not. I explain to him what I am trying to accomplish, what I have dealt with, and ask to speak to a supervisor...he starts saying thank you for calling, I ask him NOT to put me on hold. He assures me he won't, and is going to get his supervisor...however I am now back on hold enjoying the same 16 bar piano loop I've been listening to for hours.

Another 40 minutes. Another guy with middle eastern sounding accent (I only mention the accents because all 4 of these guys were difficult to understand and it definitely appears that when they get a return call, they just shoot you back and forth between the 2 call centers until you give up; which I refused to do.) Again, I give the guy my order # and my desire for a return , citing the poor picture quality (of all 4 service workers, only #3 had my information at hand...weird.)

I explain that one guy offered me $20 and that I want to speak to a manager. He offers to "see what he can do" to process the return, then as I'm saying how frustrated I am with the process and how I asked to speak to a manager, he hangs up on me.

For anyone concerned that I was verbally abusive, I was not. I only explained that I was frustrated and wanted to speak to manager, no name calling, no yelling, etc.

Over 3 hours on the phone, only to end up with the guy hanging up on me. Unreal. By far the worst customer service experience I have ever had. This was the 2nd TV I'd bought from Dell and after this it's exceptionally unlikely I will be buying a 3rd time.

At minimum, I am requesting a refund of 100% of the purchase price and for Dell to cover shipping & handling both ways.


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by Shaun R. Posted Sun December 13, 2015 @ 6:02 AM

I like how detailed this letter is. I agree that it should be easier
to return something. This is why I don't purchase certain kinds of
things online.

I'd be surprised if they covered the shipping and handling, especially
both ways. Maybe they will in order to offer better customer service.


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