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Great Delta Service

Posted Wed January 4, 2017 2:18 pm, by Vicki Jean C. written to Delta Air Lines

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I want to express my experience traveling on the Delta Airlines this past month and into January.
I booked a flight from Atlanta to Montego Bay on December 26, 2016. My flight DL727 did not take off as scheduled due to the air traffic melt down that day. The pilot immediately got on the air and informed us every time he received details of the delay. When he came on a third time, he was very truthful and told us he had no idea when the problem will be resolved. So, the flight attendants ordered a cart of goodies and refreshments to ease the time wait. That was more than we expected. Once, the flight took off, we were all relaxed and the ride was so smooth and pleasant. That's not all. On January 2nd, When, my flight, 304 landed in Atlanta, the pilot informed us that he could not taxi to the gate because there was another melt down in Miami. Apparently, the computer shut down nationwide. Whew!! The pilot was so engaging and funny until the passengers forgot we were on the aircraft for over 50 minutes. The flight attendants again were wonderful. Once, we got off the plane, I had already missed one flight and then a second. By the time I got to my gate, Delta had already changed my flight. My luggage was not on the aircraft and it was delivered right to my door the following evening. And, I received an e-mail stating that they will give me a voucher worth $100.00 Wow! Ask me if I will use Delta again... and the answer is...You bet your sky mileage I will. I felt like a valued customer. Thank you Delta!!!


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