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Posted Wed May 26, 2010 12:00 pm, by Barb S. written to Dillard's, Inc.

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I purchased a pair of shoes at the Palmdale, California Dillards. The salesperson in the shoe department was great. She tried to refund my purchase with a gift card, even though I had the receipt. I told her I did not want another gift card. She explained that because I paid partially with a gift card, I would need to be given another gift card. I requested that she get a manager involved, which she did and stated that I would have to go upstairs to customer service to speak with that manager. When I arrived, Susie came out and I explained to her that I didn't want another gift card, just put the entire purchase back on my credit card. She refused and said that because I bought with a gift card I had to have another gift card in return. I tried to make the point that I was given the gift card and obviously if I was given a gift card, that the gift card was paid for. She rolled her eyes at me and said, "Oh really? How do I know it's been paid for." Seriously????

Just because I had my hair in a ponytail, had on sandals and capris and a t-shirt and had my biracial teenagers with me, she made the assumption that I was trying to pull a fast one on Dillards. She then stated that I should not yell at her. Trust me, if I had been yelling, others would have known it. I then informed her that I wanted to speak with her manager. She said fine and stalked off. The manager never materialized.

Here's my point, this individual obviously judged me as soon as she laid eyes on me and my kids. Secondly, if a gift card has been purchased, that purchase is complete and a gift card is just as good as cold, hard cash. Thirdly, I don't take kindly at ALL to anyone questioning my integrity or my ethics.

I later learned that Susie is the assistant store manager. I do have to say that the store secretary came out a few minutes later and apologized to me for any inconvenience and stated that she had been attempting to page the store manager and got no response. Kudos to the store secretary; she should be the assistant manager...or maybe even the store manager!

Susie needs to be reprimanded. Too many people in my neck of the woods would love to have her job and be grateful for having it.

I left with my return because I want to make a point. I want my full purchase refunded to my credit card and I do not want a gift card.

I want a full apology from the store manager for not training her staff better and for allowing her employees to judge people based upon face value. So I had a casual day and I dared enter into their store not dressed professionally for a change?

If store policy when returning merchandise is to return a gift card purchase with another gift card, that needs to be changed immediately. I've never encountered such a ridiculous policy. Do you need to hire a new policy maker? I'd be happy to assist.


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by Retail Veteran Posted Thu May 27, 2010 @ 1:30 PM

As others have already pinted out, if you paid with a gift card in
part, or in full, the portion of the purchase the gift card was used
on would have to be refunded to a gift card. They can't refund it all
to your credit card becuase you didn't pay for the whole purchase with
your credit card. That would be giving you something for free. Gift
cards ARE NOT the same as cold, hard cash. If usually staes on the
gift card that it is not redeemable for cash. This is a store policy
if every retail store I have worked in and it has nothing to do with
your race. If you want cash, give the gift card back to the person who
gave it to you and demand the cash from them.


by Harleycat Posted Thu May 27, 2010 @ 9:27 AM

Most retail stores return your money to the original form of purchase,
cash for cash, check for check and gift card for gift card. This is
policy and has nothing to do with who you are, how you are dressed or
the fact that your children are biracial. You are the one trying to
make this into a racial issue.


by NathanG Posted Thu May 27, 2010 @ 7:43 AM

This has nothing to do with race, do you have proof of this? did you
do an indepth study and see a bunch of "white" people getting the ok
to do what you tried to do?

This is common in alot of places. Its to prevent people who use a
giftcard from turning it into cash to use elsewhere. By taking it
all on your credit card you are getting extra money back.
$10.00 giftcard
$10.00 on credit card
refund all on credit card you get $20.00 back ($10.00 more than you

They dont want that, they want the giftcard money spent in the store
like its supposed to be.

Take the giftcard and please stop bringing race into it.


by olie Posted Wed May 26, 2010 @ 11:01 PM

From the Dillard's website:

Dillard's will issue a refund in the form and amount of the original
tender paid (including sales tax) or Dillard's will issue a
Merchandise Credit, at the customer's choice, when each of the
following conditions has been met:

1. The merchandise must be returned within thirty (30) calendar
days of purchase; and
2. The merchandise must be in its original, unused condition unless
there is a manufacturer's defect; and
3. The merchandise must be accompanied by either the original
Dillard's Receipt or the original Dillard's Proof of Purchase Label.
(Proof of Purchase information is included on the packing slip for all
Dillard's Direct orders.)

No mention of how the return is processed when two methods of payment
are used. I personally would take the gift card. It will be used!


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