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CRG and New Receivers

Posted Tue November 30, 2010 8:59 pm, by Duke P. written to DirecTV, Inc.

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I have been a Directv customer for almost 11 years now. I called in b/c I had a problem with my receiver being very slow. They offered to upgrade me to new ones. When I got them they were scratched and dented. I told them about my neighbor that has had Directv for a long time as well was having the same problem and they gave him credits to go out and get the HR-24's b/c they are the ones that really fix the speed problems. I talked to a lady that was super nice and really took ownership. She said they should not have been scratched or dented and she talked with her supervisor for a while and they said they would get me 2 HR-24's sent out to me. She also noted the account. She then had to transfer me to get the ones i had activate first. No way for me to be transfered back to her. When I got transfered back I spent another hour with someone else that said no way he could do what her and her supervisor had promissed. So, he send me out a receiver and I received today and he said he would note to send the HR-23 or HR-24 b/c the others are being phased out. Well, I got the old phased out one again. Then a lady name Louis called badge number 407656 which was a resolution specialist which was just stating facts and not offereing any resolution what so ever. Now I have spent over 4 hours of my time trying to get what was promissed. The receivers are still slow which was my original complaint. My neighbor called me this morning saying how fast the HR-24's are and has not problems or complaints.

I would like Directv to credit me enough on the account so I can go buy the HR-24's on solidsignal.com or get me 2 from Directv. This is what they did with some of my other friends that have Directv. All I am asking is to do what was promissed. By all means I have no need to talk to a resolution specialist Louis that is just going to be a robot and offer no resolution.


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