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Improper tire size installation cost us nearly $7,000

Posted Mon February 19, 2001, by written to Discount Tire Company /America's Tire Company

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A problem with your auto-parts business has prompted me to write this letter of complaint. This problem has to you with your safety. I hope you can understand why I am so upset.

We purchased two tires from your Research Blvd, Austin, TX location for our '96 GMC Jimmy. (Invoice #6846379) The tires the salesperson placed on our vehicle were larger than the two tires already on the vehicle. Since the vehicle is an all-wheel vehicle, having the tires of two different sizes created ensuing problems and services to the vehicle totalling $6,859.82 out-of-pocket expenses and 88 days out-of-service at the repair shop before the problem was finally traced to the tires being of an incorrect size. (Damages were done to the vehicle's front axle, drive shaft, both differentials, both rear axles, et cetera).

Since I have never purchased anything from your company before, this problem has not enhanced your reputation in my eyes. Because of this, I plan to look elsewhere for auto parts in the future, and I'll urge others to find another source as well.

We are wanting a refund of all out-of-pocket expenses incurred, totalling $6,859.82. (We have already filed 60-days notice of intent to sue, addressed to Mr. Jesse Kubica, Customer Service Rep. The 60 days have elapsed and we are now beginning the process of suing for grievances and legal costs, in addition to our out-of-pocket expenses).

We are also wanting Discount Tire to reevaluate selling practices so that you do not misrepresent your goods with other customers, thus incurring expenses, damage, time-out-of-service, and risk to personal safety.

Thank you for your time and attention. I look forward to a prompt response.


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