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Corrected Mailing Address

Posted Wed October 24, 2007 5:52 pm, by Debbie S. written to Dish Network (Echo Star)

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Dear Mr. Ergen:

On August 27,or 28, 2007 I called Dish Network Customer Service to request the "DishMover" service and informed Dish Network of our new mailing address. When my husband paid/mailed the July, 2007 statement, he completed the change-of-address on the billing statement sent to Dish Network, and by change-of-address through the United States Postal Service.
We never received a billing statement for the month of September, 2007; this statement was sent to our closed post office box and returned to Dish Network.
Dish Network is going to interrupt satellite service for non-payment and charge late fees and past due amounts for their billing statement mailing mistake even though the billing department was notified of the new mailing address.
We are asking Dish Network for a statement to be sent to the correct mailing address so that the account can be paid but we will not pay late charges because of Dish Network's mailing error.
The customer service representative that my husband spoke with was very difficult to understand due to the language barrier and was very rude; we had to demand to speak with a supervisor of customer service (English speaking person)and still the threat of service interruption was issued. We can call-in to customer service and get an extension, which really shouldn't be necessary on our part because the mailing mistake is Dish Network's, not ours.

We were going to update our Dish Network Satellite service with better viewing package and high-defitition receivers but with this on-going problem, I will cancel our service with Dish Network and do business with your competitor, DirectTV when this issue is resolved.




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