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Allergic reaction to new "liquid sugar" in ice coffee

Posted Fri May 7, 2004, by Heather C. written to Dunkin Donuts

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I am writing with a question about experience at Dunkin Donuts.

Could you please tell me what the ingredients are to the new "liquid sugar" that some of the Dunkin' Donuts branches are using in their ice coffees instead of regular sugar. Upon first tasting this, I developed a dull aching pain in my esophagus and felt as if my throat was swelling. At first I thought it was heartburn from drinking too much coffee, but a few days later experimenting with ice coffee with regular sugar and ice coffee with the liquid sugar, I developed these symptoms with coffee with the liquid sugar.

Please inform me ASAP what the ingredients are in this substance and could you please possibly impliment a policy which instructs branches who use this substance inform the customer that they are using this liquid sugar and give you a choice between that and regular sugar.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this. A quick response would be appreciated.


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