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Emerson 19' TV/DVD/VCR

Posted Sat July 31, 2004, by June H. written to Emerson Electric

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I am writing to bring your attention to a problem I had with a customer service, in the hope you can offer a solution. I'm sure you like to keep your customers satisfied, so I hope you'll move quickly to address my problem. This incident has left me angry.

For your reference, my complaint specifically concerns the following model name/number: Emerson 19"/TV DVD/VCR Combo. Here are the details of my complaint:We bought a Emerson EWC19T3 19 in. TV/VCR/DVD Combo last december2003 and the microchip went out in June of 2004. Micro chip is $45.00 and labor was $90.00. there is no guarntee that it will not happen again. Our Tv repair man said this happens a lot with this brand and type of tv. As a consumer what do we do keep slapping money into this or stay completly away from the Emerson brand name? Wealso have another Emerson TV which is has done the same thing.

This is what I would like you to do: Replace T.V. Or pay all of repair bill.

Overall, my experiences with your company have left me extremely dissatisfied. After this incident, I will never buy from you again. Also, I am 100 percent sure I will not recommend you to anybody else.

Thanks for letting me sound off and reading this. I hope some good comes from this letter.


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by johnkerttu Posted Tue September 25, 2007 @ 2:13 PM

I have the same problem with a SV2000 DVD/VCR recorder I purchased at
Christmas 2006. The stupid thing stopped playing VHS tapes after two
months. I should have returned it to Wal-Mart before the 90 days
Anyway I faxed the reciept to Fernando 310-320-0571. I am still
waiting to hear from them.

My next plan is to take a video camera to Wal-Mart and record myself
smashing this $100.00 piece of junk in front of the store.

Then I will post it on YOUTUBE for the whole world to see.

John in Michigan

by 832-885-8903 Posted Sat June 30, 2007 @ 4:44 PM

My name is Nickey Moore. I purchased a 20 inch Emerson television for
my son for Christmas at Wal-mart on 12-22-2006.
The TV was working properly until about 3 weeks ago. I called the
Emerson customer service number that was on the back of the TV
1800-256-2487. I spoke with a young lady who informed me that I would
have to pay for parts and services to have my TV fixed. She was very
short and rude. I asked her several questions which she did not answer
properly so I asked to speak with a supervisor. She informed me that
there was not a supervisor available and she refused to transfer the
call. I hung up and called again and the person that I spoke to told
me that he was a supervisor. I explained to him what happened on the
last call. He stated that the person that I spoke to did not note my
account so he could not determine who helped me. I gave him a
description of what she sounded like and he new who I was talking
about. I gave him the information that she had given me and he told me
that I was given the incorrect information. He told me that once we
were finished he would go over the correct information with her so
that would have the correct information to give her. He told me that
the picture tube had went out and that the TV was under a 2 year
warranty. He stated that it would be too expensive to fix the TV so
they would just give me a new unit. He told me to fax a copy of the
receipt to 310-320-0571 attention Fernando and I would receive call
within 2-3 days to instruct me where to send my TV. I was told that
once Fernando received a copy of my receipt and my old unit they would
mail me a new unit. The next day 6-22-2006 I faxed a copy of my
receipt to the above fax number at 7:22 am CST and I received
confirmation that the fax was received. I have yet to here from
Fernando or anyone else at Emerson or Funai.
I called today 6/30/2007 at 2:21 CST and asked to speak with a
manager. Sean came on the line. I explained to him my situation and he
begin to tell me that Fernando was not in the office and that they
were short handed in that department. I asked for another supervisor
and Sean became very short, curt, very rude. He told me that there was
not another supervisor in the office. He began to over talk me and
finish my sentences. He told me that I was mad and that was the reason
that I was calling. I told him that I was not mad that I was very
frustrated at the way that I was being treated. I also told him that I
could not believe that he was a customer service manager and he
treated the customers so rudely. He told me " The company knows him
and his work and that is why he was the customer service manager". He
would not transfer me not nor would he help me with the issue. I asked
again what his name was and he told me that it was Billy. I said to
him I thought your name was Sean? He told me " If you knew what my
name was Sean then why did you ask for my name again!" I hung up in
his face because I was not getting any where and I did not want to say
anything unprofessional. Sean had pushed me to that point!
I called a second number 1-800-242-7158 and was able to get an address
19900 Van Ness Avenue Torrance CA 90501. (This address comes up
on-line but it does not pull up on the Better Business Bureau's
system.) I also was able to get a managers Louis Guerra name but was
told that he was not in the office today. I asked if this was the call
center that the customer service manager "Sean" was in and was told
yes. I asked if there was another manager on duty and was told yes. I
then asked to speak with him. I was transferred to my friend Sean
AGAIN who asked " How can I help You NOW? I asked again to speak with
another manager besides him and again I was told that there was no one
available. I told him that the other young man told me that there was
another manager on duty and he replied that I was misinformed. I told
him that he was very rude and hung up.
On December 22, 2006 I spent 79.78 on a TV for my son for a Christmas
present and 6 months later the unit is not working properly. I cannot
afford to buy another TV. I did not spend a lot of money but I paid
for a TV with my hard earned money and I have been treated unfairly. I
have NEVER bought any thing from Emerson until December and I will
NEVER buy from Emerson again. This is the WORST customer service call
center EVER!!! I want is for the TV to be replaced and a formal
apology from the company.
The address Information is
19900 Van Ness Ave
Torrance , CA 90501
Fax number 310-320-0571


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