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Emerson TV/DVD/VCR combo problems

Posted Sun June 15, 2003, by John K. written to Emerson Electric

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I am writing to bring your attention to a problem I had with a reliability, in the hope you can offer a solution. I'm sure you like to keep your customers satisfied, so I hope you'll move quickly to address my problem. This incident has left me angry.

For your reference, my complaint specifically concerns the following model name/number: EWC19T2. Here are the details of my complaint:I purchased a emerson tv/dvd/vcr combo EWC19T2. After using the VCR portion for about the 10th time ( I mostly use the DVD) the tape stuck in the unit. When this happened it shut down the entire unit so I couldn't even use the TV. Because it was past 90 days I could not get the labor costs which came to $75 for a $350 unit. WalMart has cut the price to $267 obviously because this is a piece of junk. Everytime you use the VCR portion it sounds like a plane is taking off. I dare not shut off the tv with a tape in it because it sounds like it is breaking the tape in two. I sent an e-mail thru Funai's site which was never replied to.

This is what I would like you to do: 1.Reply to my original e-mail.

2.If they have that much confidence in their product extend the labor for a year also.

3. If you make a combo and 1 part breaks don't disable the entire unit. Since only the VCR portion went bad I could have bought a 4 head VCR to attach to it for less then the $75 labor charge (from an authorized repair shop) If it was $75 for labor how much did the part cost? It's only a $267 TV (WalMart).

Overall, my experiences with your company have left me extremely dissatisfied. After this incident, I will never buy from you again. Also, I am 100 percent sure I will not recommend you to anybody else.

Thanks for letting me sound off and reading this. I hope some good comes from this letter.


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