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Online Banking "Upgrade" A Monumental Failure

Posted Fri August 4, 2017 1:58 pm, by Robert M. written to Fifth Third Bancorp

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Fifth Third's new online banking site is a mess. Whole basic services seem to be completely missing.

I no longer have any real access to my accounts, i can't set up new recurring payments and can't even find what electronic payments have been processed. The "history" only displays internal Fifth Third accounts. Every time I try to access ANY accounts, I keep getting the same "experiencing technical difficulties" message - for over a week now! This is completely unacceptable and incredibly incompetent on your part.

And yes, I've tried contacting Customer Service, but the messaging system simply loops me back to the broken online banking screen and the 800 number has an incredibly long wait time. That is before you are either disconnected or get a fast busy signal. I'm sure the call centers are being overwhelmed because of the shoddy upgrade.

Because of this obviously broken "upgrade" I can only guess how many thousands of customers have been cut off from their Fifth Third online accounts. I was able to send a message through Facebook. While there I found hundreds of other messages solely concerning the innumerable issues with the botched online banking facelift.

Please, it's a simple fix. Bring back the old but reliable website until the update can be fixed and tested. I have no problem with change, I embrace change, I look forward to change. BUT only when the change WORKS.

Whoever approved these "improvement" without any testing or ensuring basic services were still available, simply put, should be fired. The new online banking site is a major PR disaster for Fifth Third and will cause thousands to move their accounts to banks with better, working online access.

I also want all potential late fees, overdrafts, etc. from any bills I am not able to attend to on your broken website to be completely covered by Fifth Third. Your tragedy is not going to cost me anything because of your website managers' ignorance.


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