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Check Cashing Policy

Posted Sat October 13, 2001, by Shirley R. written to Food Lion, Inc.

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I am writing to inform you of a problem with the experience at one of your stores. The store I'm referring to is at Bassett, Va 24055.

My grandson just started to work for a company and got his first paycheck on 10/13/2001. He did not get off work until 8pm so on his way home he stopped at Foodlion, Store #1058 in Bassett, Va about 1 mile from his home to cash his check. The cashiers name was Adriene, the ticket has time at 8:41 on 10/13/2001. I would like to stress the point that his family shops this store all the time so he is no stranger there. When he went in to cash his check one of the cashiers told him he would have to spend 10% of his check with no mention of a charge to cash his check. My grandson is 16 years old so he bought his dog some dog food for $4.49 and Hartz Pig ears for $3.19 and $.35 tax, which is $8.03 total. His check was for $78.70 and she charged him an extra $5.00 to cash his check.. How can this be fair? My grandson came to see me the same night and told me about it and I was highly upset. I shop Foodlions in Reidsville, NC all the time with one only 2 miles from me. We have 3 Foodlions here in my small town and I love shopping there, but this has really upset me. This would have never have happened to me! Taking a 16 year olds $5.00 to cash a $78.70 check is not fair, just what kind of impression do you think this made on him. He was so proud of his first check and would have had to wait 2 days to cash it at a bank. Now we know that is impossible for a 16 year old because that check was burning a whole in his wallet. He wanted the GREEN STUFF and was so proud. The girl should have told him he had to spend 10% of his check and also there would be $5.00 charge if that is their policy.

On average, I would say I visit your store 11-15 times per month, and I usually spend $21-$50 per visit. I still might buy from your store. Also, I might still recommend your company again.

Here's what I'd like Food Lion, Inc. to do: I feel that he was treated unfairly because of his age and inexperience and think he should be given his $5.00 back.
Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I hope you can respond soon.


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