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Dead Root Plants

Posted Mon July 31, 2017 12:00 pm, by . written to Four Seasons Nursery

My name is Lynn, and here are my details regarding Four Seasons Nursery:

3/24/17 I ordered $65.69 worth of catalog gardening flowers trees and plants. I was told it would take 2 weeks for delivery.

4/14/17 I was told by Jennifer my order had not even been shipped out yet, and would be shipped out in 2 orders.

4/22/17 I called again for the third time and was told my shipment was shipped on the 20th in 2 separate orders.

Finally after receiving my packages weeks later I opened them expecting plants, and was shocked to receive a huge bunch of sticks and twigs.

I called right away to report this and the person I spoke to told me that is how all their products come. She assured me that if I planted them, in due time I would get the same plants shown in the magazine. (And I believed her.)

I followed her instructions, and after 6 weeks of no growth I decided I was scammed. Since then I have tried and tried to reach Four Seasons Nursery through the phone (which is always busy) through text which I never hear back from them and through e-mail. I have also sent them photos of weekly pictures of the sticks and twigs to show them they looked the same as the day I planted them.
I am extremely angry with this lack of non communication with this company.

To restore my faith and respect and to show me they are a reputable company I would like Four Seasons Nursery to:

1. Apologize to me in writing for this very unpleasant

2.) Refund me a total of $65.69

3.) Replace my entire order and stand by their


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by petgiraffe Posted Tue August 1, 2017 @ 4:05 PM

I'll reiterate what I posted in regard to the letter you wrote
previously on this subject:

I have never done business with Four Seasons so I don't know anything
about them. However, I have done business for years with Spring Hill
and Brecks. They both send their plant orders out as tubers and
"sticks and twigs". It takes from 1-3 years generally for them to
mature but they do grow into plants. On a few occasions, they have
failed to come up and I have been reimbursed.

If you want fully matured plants, you will need to go to a local
nursery. You can't send live, mature plants through the mail. They
will arrive dead.

As an addendum - you said that you took photos of what you planted on
a weekly basis. I am not sure what you mean by that, as if they were
planted properly, everything would be underground.


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