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Discontinuation of the WOW Ruffles/Doritos Line

Posted Mon April 9, 2001, by Christine S. written to Frito-Lay, Inc.

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I felt compelled to write Frito-Lay, Inc. after hearing of plans to discontinue the WOW line of chips.. This experience left me really angry. I'm writing about WOW line of chips (WOW Ruffles and WOW Doritos).

I found out thru my Weight Watchers message board that someone had called Frito Lay about the WOW line of chips and was told that Frito Lay was planning to discontinue production of the WOW line..It absolutely annoys me that since they have come on the market, I have run around like I was a Frito Lay merchandiser telling everyone how good they are....My family alone goes thru atleast 3 or 4 bags a week--maybe more in the summer...MY parents buy them, my in-laws buy them, my grandmother even buys them!!!Everyone at my Weight Watchers meetings (in PA and MD) buys them!!! If they came in a larger size bag I would buy them too...Because of being on the Weight Watchers program, if I was no longer able to purchase the WOW chips, it sure wouldn't make me buy the regular Frito Lay line of chips--I would just go without!!!

I probably will recommend your company to family and friends. Despite this, I will probably continue to buy from your company. I buy your products all of the time, and am a valuable customer. Therefore, I believe you should give serious consideration to my complaint.

When I buy from your company, I spend on average $12.00 a week. I can't get this product from anyone else, which is why I buy it from you.

Here's what would satisfy me: I would Like Frito Lay to continue production of the WOW line of chips, it would even be great for the chips to occassionally include a coupon on the bag every so often... Your buyers are consistant buyers-- and stores never discount the WOW line so an occassional coupon would be a great incentive!!!

I suppose I would be willing to pay more for your product if you addressed these concerns.

Your kind attention to this matter is appreciated. Hopefully, I'll hear back from you within 10 business days.


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