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Customer Service Giving False Information and Lies - Implications of calling me a Liar

Posted Wed February 2, 2011 10:25 pm, by Sheryle R. written to Georgia Power Company - Southern Company

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I moved out of my residence on 01/07/11. I have a pending closing on the sale of this residence and asked Georgia Power on Jan 3, 2011 to make sure the power stayed on. The guy I spoke with promised me they would not turn it off unless I called or the buyer called to transfer it.
I called GP back tonight because I received a "FINAL BILL" in the mail and I knew it was not correct.
I asked to speak with a supervisor to get it back in my name because they erroneously transferred it into the owner that had it before I bought the townhouse.
The Supervisor told me she pulled the phone records and said that I never told them to leave it on until I called when I know for a fact I did. She told me she had the phone record after the first representative told me they didn't have access to phone calls. If there is a phone record, aren't I supposed to be aware that the call is being recorded?
I don't appreciate being lied to under any circumstances, so if the Supervisor isn't lying, then I guess I am.
I know I told them to leave it on because I was worried about the freezing temps. The Address is 6900 Roswell Road NE, Unit G4, Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Just get the power back in my name until I say to take it out or the buyer transfers it.
I also should not have to pay a 30 dollar fee for putting the account back in my name.

I am so angry right now for the lying.


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by AbleMabel Posted Thu February 3, 2011 @ 7:43 PM

I think you're right to complain, but wrong to assume that the
customer service reps are lying to you. It wouldn't be in their best
interest to lie to you and make you angry, so why would they do it?
It sounds like the problems you're dealing with resulted from human
error, not malice.

My guess is that the record from your initial call was a written
record, not a recording, and that the first rep you spoke to neglected
to note everything you told him. The second rep you spoke to, the one
who said s/he didn't have access to the phone records, likely did not
have that access; I would imagine that in most offices, customer
service personnel would be barred from accessing the reports their
supervisors would use to monitor their job performance. Finally, the
supervisor could only see what the rep had recorded from your
conversation. If that rep didn't note what you told him, the
supervisor couldn't see it. It sounds as though the Georgia Power
employees could have handled this situation with a little more
finesse, but I don't see any indication that anyone is lying to you.


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