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Unproduced Spice Girls Dolls

Posted Mon July 16, 2001, by Jennifer P. written to Hasbro, Inc.

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I am saddened by the cancellation on production of a product I was hoping to see on the market back in 2000. This incident has made me awfully angry. The model I'm referring to is the Unproduced Spice Girls 'Millennium Tour Collection' Dolls.

After 3 years of collecting Spice Girls memorabilia, I am truly dissapointed! Galoob, the original creators of the Spice Girls dolls, produced 6 sets of dolls for the supergroup, and accessories and playsets to go along with them....Galoob was always up to date with the groups current status, clothing, looks, and hairstyles. After going out of business, I was told Hasbro toys had taken over the company and its toy lines and would be continuing the line of Spice Girls dolls. I was delighted to see the 2 new lines of 'Viva Forever' dolls that appeared promptly in stores and quickly purchased all 4 from both sets. I went venturing online only to find numerous parts of the Hasbro.com website displaying information about new Spice Girls dolls, titled "The Millennium Tour Collection" which were to be released in October of 2000. Unfortunetly this never happened. The Spice Girls have been a successful group for over 5 years, producing over 16,000 items of merchandise from numerous well known sponsors such as Pepsi, Sony, Mercedes, Cadbury and others and all the products have always been up to date. I would think, with the release of a new album (Titled 'Forever' - November 2000), the girls' at least deserve a new line of dolls. I contacted one of the Customer Service representatives at Hasbro and waited almost 4 weeks for a reply, and when I got it, it was merely "The dolls will not be produced.". I really think a company of your stature should know that promoting such a hugely successul group would make a world of differnce for their US image and a hefty profit for your company as well. I however, do understand how their image has faded from the public eye, but its only from no promotion, and its companies like you that choose not to promote them, that are making that problem worse.

On average, when buying Spice Girls dolls, I usually bought 2 or 3 of each one, and I spend usually around $50.00 to $80.00. Although recently I only occasionally purchase your products, my complaint is a valid one.

I think Hasbro should create a new line of Spice Girls dolls for the numerous fans who are looking for new merchandise. At least put out the set that was promised or make a commemerative line of dolls. Other companies did it for Elvis and the Beatles! Why not the Spice Girls? I think your company is very creative when it comes to producing life-like dolls and I am impressed by the resemblance that the dolls have to the actual members of the Spice Girls.

It's doubtful I would buy from your company again unless it has something to do with what I want. I still might recommend you to people I know though.

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter. I hope to hear from you soon.

My Email: fizzy1680@yahoo.com
Please contact me! I would love to hear a response from someone other than customer service! (I hope you dont mind I didnt provide a mailing address..)


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