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Food poisoning at hollywood palms

Posted Mon December 26, 2016 12:00 pm, by Linda L. written to Hollywood palms naperville

My family and I(group of 5) went hollywood palms in Naperville, IL on 12/23 to see Rogue one at the 7:00pm show.We were sitting in seats D10 -D14.My husband and 2 sons each had the Chuck Norris chicken.My oldest son lives in another state and just flew into town that same day to visit for the xmas holidays.We try to go to Hollywood palms whenever he is in town because he likes the chuck norris chicken there.We've done this for several years.
After the food was brought to us, both sons ate about half and didnt eat any more.My oldest son said it tasted a little odd.My husband ate all of his. After we got home(we live an hour away from hollywood palms)my husband started having diarrhea and vomiting.This continue throughout that same night and all of 12/24. We figured that it was the chicken because that was all he had to eat that day.We called the manager and was told that maybe it was something else because food poisoning takes 24 to 48 hours to materialize in your system.This is not true at all, symptons can happen as soon as an hour after.He didnt offer any apology, no refund of money- only 5 more tickets.Well, who wants to back there? We will never go back. 24 hours later, both sons came down with the same symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea.48 hours later, my daughter in law and I also became sick in the same way.We also had chicken in our meals.It had to be something with this chicken.That was the only thing that they all had to eat that was day. Manager there does not want to acknowledge or accept that there could have been something wrong with the food there that night.We used to come there as a treat a few times a year. The food waa always great and a real treat.After this incident, we will never come back.

Refund our bill for the food of 103.62.The incident has ruined our holiday weekend as everyone was sick.


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by PepperElf Posted Tue December 27, 2016 @ 2:11 PM

That way you have physical proof of the illness etc.

As for an apology - that is usually in their own best interest. An
apology can often be taken as an admission of guilt, which can make
them liable for damages.

I'm remembering one case I saw where a company was trying to appease
an angry woman over the damages her son took from following an
employee's advice - and they of course ordered the employee to
apologize. The problem of course was that the "advice" had never
happened in the first place, so the employee refused to apologize.
(The woman's son had outright lied.)

The company found out later, from their lawyers IIRC, that the
employee's refusal was actually in their favor. Had he apologized,
even though he'd actually done nothing wrong, it could have been taken
as an admission of guilt, and the company could have been on the hook
for a settlement.

This is why I suspect many companies won't apologize for things like
food poisoning etc. They may act concerned of course, but they also
have to be careful to be sure that nothing they say amounts to an
admission of guilt - since that can be used against them in a civil
suit etc.


That's why our company line... by chadg Wed December 28, 2016 @ 4:06 PM

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