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plant guarantee

Posted Tue June 6, 2006 12:52 am, by rich h. written to Home Depot, Inc.

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Plants are guaranteed to live for 1 year.
I returned 2 that were 5 days past the 1 year receipt date and 2 that were 2 days past.
They were stone cold, brown, crispy dead, and we had just come out of at least a weeks worth of rain. There is no way they could have died in the 5 days. The store manager refused un-politely to exchange.

Please have a little understanding and exchange plants.


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by JohnnyLuved Posted Wed July 19, 2006 @ 6:56 PM

Quick question.
If you have an assignment due on a date and hand it in later then that
date do you expect the professior to just say "ok". No they either
refuse or take significant percentage off. SO why do you expect Home
Depot to break there policy for you. Its a good policy and all you had
to do was return them a week earlier. Why didnt you do that just to
save the frustration?

by Marty5223 Posted Tue June 6, 2006 @ 8:00 AM

the guarantee is for a year.....but to be honest you would have
probably gotten just as un polite manager treatment in far less return

This is nothing but an advertising scheme. Home Depot and Lowes both
charge more for their plants than other area garden centers in my
community, so you would think they would not mind honoring their
guarantee. I always save me receipts, pots, and hopefully if I do
have a dead plant I will have dried remains to return.

They are never happy when you come in with a dead plant and always
treat you like your ripping them off. I think why do you act like
this...I didn't write your plant guarantee...I only take advantage of

My co gardeners in my area get the same treatment when they attempt to
get a replacement on a dead plant.

One thing we have noticed is Home Depot's suppliers report tiny 4 inch
plants in large gallon pots. They charge you more and you might think
you are getting a well established root system, yet when you take the
plant out 80% of the pot is dirt with a small root structure.

I am Ready to put HOME DEPOT on MY DO NOT ENTER LIST! They are RUDE,
Don't stand behind their products, and don't seem to care if you shop
with them any more or not. I have never seen any company go from one
end of the scale of excellent customer Service to the worst as far as
I am concerned.

Home Depot is largest enough they should be demanding quality products
from their suppliers or find someone else to make products for them.
You better bet Walmart, Sears, and other large companies tell their
munufacturers what they want and expect!


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