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Welcome Wagon terminates employees via voice mail.....

Posted Mon July 23, 2001, by Susan H. written to Homestore.com, Inc.

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I'd like to bring to your attention a problem I encountered recently with the overall experience at Homestore.com, Inc.. Frankly, I am surprised because I expected better from Homestore.com. I have never been treated the way that I have been treated by your company.

I am writing to request that immediate action be taken today. I do not like the way that I have been treated by several of your employees with the Welcome Wagon branch of your company. I respectfully request that you investigate the following incident and compensate me for the extremely unprofessional, sloppy and unfair way that I have been treated.

I was hired as an Account Executive with Welcome Wagon on April 16, 2001. Lloyd Leitstein was my Regional Manager with Marty Olinger above him.

I received training the first week of May 2001 in Atlanta Georgia but did not receive crucial sales materials from Mr. Leitstein until 6/15/2001. I have never received direction, or instruction or training from Mr. Leitstein the in field. Mr. Leitstein has not been direct with me, and has consistently lost me many opportunities by not following up, actually he has been a liabilty for me on sales presentations and calls. That, is another conversation in itself. I am writing to complain of the absolute disregard I have been shown by both Mr. Leitstein and Marty Olinger.

I was scheduled for internet advertising products training the last week of June 2001.

I received a voice mail message on my home telephone from Lloyd Leitstein on June 21, 2001 terminating my employment. I contacted Lloyd Leitstein by telephone and he refused to give me any reasons for this termination. I contacted Marty Olinger with my concerns. Marty Olinger re-instated my employment, appologized and stated he would see me at the training. He stated he did not know Lloyd had done this.

The termination Lloyd Leitstein sent in for me actively cancelled my plane ticket to the training I was scheduled to attend, all of my access to the company including the sales VRU system and the company voice mail system. I was not aware of this until the following week.

I had no reservation for the training, and did not make the training. No one was able to contact me by the company voice mail system. I contacted Marty Olinger and his assistant, Jodi Lawler, immediately from the airport, when I discovered I did not have a reservation and I continued to leave voice mail messages from June 26, 2001 until July 8, 2001. I left numerous messages for both. Neither responded.

On July 16, 2001, after numerous messages for Marty Olinger, and several conversations I had with his assistant, where I stated, I would continue to call, until I spoke with someone who would inform and advise me of what exactly was going on....I received a call from him at my home number, after 5:30 p. m. He stated that I was, in fact terminated, effective July 6, 2001. I asked him why he was just now, on July 16, 2001 letting me know this...and to explain why I was being terminated. He refused to state any reasons, in fact, gave only that fact that I did not attend the training. He was rude, curt, and hung up on me.

I do not appreciate this extremely ineffective way of communicating, both by Lloyd Leitstein and Marty Olinger. It is not normal or professional to terminate an employee by voice mail, or to terminate an employee and not let that employee know until weeks later....AND, it is NOT PROFESSIONAL to NOT return phone calls! I am livid.


I have also spoken with Maria McLaughlin, who, also, has not followed up with me.

I respectfully request the following: 1. A response immediately (not 3 weeks later) This experience was horrific. 2. To be paid through the end of July and to recieve this payment immediately. I received absolutely no notice or warning. I don't even know why I was terminated. 3. A formal action be taken against Lloyd Leitstein and Marty Olinger for behavior that is reprehensible!

It is usually customary to recieve notice.

Thank you for your assistance.

Needless to say, I was quite upset as a result of this.

Here's what I'd like to see happen: 1. Immediate Response
2. Immediate compensation Pay through the end of July
3. Formal disciplinary action taken against Marty Olinger and Lloyd Leitstein

For your information, I use Homestore.com, Inc. quite often. I rely on it because it makes good business sense for me.

Because of this, I will avoid clicking through to Homestore.com, Inc. at all costs in the future, and I definitely will urge others to avoid it at all costs.

I will let everyone know of my experiences with Welcome Wagon.

I hope you are willing to address my concerns. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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