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I've written letters to the following companies.
é   American Plastic Toys Inc
é   Burger King
é   Smile Care
é   Kraft Foods, Inc.
é   Denny's Restaurant
é   McDonald's
é   Travelocity

My Shared Letters

é   Great Durable USA-made Toys! (Posted 10/7/08)
é   Complacency of Burger King Manager (Posted 10/6/08)
é   Shortest "Exam" in history. (Posted 6/11/07)
é   Psychobabble (Posted 5/31/06)
é   The Mystery Of The Kraft Moldy Cheese (Posted 4/29/06)
é   Lack of Changing table (Posted 4/19/06)
é   Holding times/Order Accuracy (Posted 4/18/06)
é   Refund? (Posted 4/18/06)

My Comments

é   UPDATE: (Posted 10/27/08)
é   I disagree (Posted 10/9/08)
é   Re: incapable manager (Posted 10/6/08)
é   Okay (Posted 10/6/08)
é   eh, I don't really want to get into it either, but (Posted 10/6/08)
é   She looked like a high schooler (Posted 10/6/08)
é   Were all these former waitresses former chili waitresses? (Posted 8/30/07)
é   Re: AlienWare Should Fix My Laptop Under the Warranty (Posted 8/30/07)
é   Psssttt....ice is cheap (Posted 8/30/07)
é   Should still get free re-fills (Posted 8/30/07)
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My Special Interests

é   Talking to the "media" about your experiences with key products
é   Being a member of the PlanetFeedback "Advisors Club
é   Submitting video or audio testimonials to the site about products you care about
é   Moderating or actively participating in PlanetFeedback discussion forums
é   Rating, reviewing, or critiquing company "contact us" forums on their websites
é   Serving as a PlanetFeedback "mystery shopper" and periodically run spot checks on customer servic
é   Parenting, especially of young children. Also, I am a military spouse.

My Blogger

by Psychobabble Posted Wed May 31, 2006 @ 3:43 PM

visit my real blog at http://psychosbabble.blogspot.com


Maybe later.. by mary jo Sat September 16, 2006 @ 11:45 PM

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