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eydieville defies description. just say i am quite happy on my own little planet. eydieville is not very populous (population:me), but all it's citizens (me), are geniuses. the religion on planet eydieville is eydieology, of which i am a strict practitioner. by the way, yes, that is me, with future vice president joe biden. i met him at a rally he did here in springfield. he is the nicest, sweetest man! so down to earth and just plain nice.

My Companies

I've written letters to the following companies.
é   McDonald's
é   Perkins Restaurant and Bakery

My Shared Letters

é   Thank you for a great employee (Posted 8/15/06)
é   eydie (Posted 8/3/06)
é   restaurant employee policies (Posted 7/21/06)

My Comments

é   Re: Uncooperative Manager at Little Caesars (Posted 11/25/09)
é   Re: Rotten Milk Served at Arby's (Posted 11/24/09)
é   Re: I Object to McDonald's Harassment of Teens (Posted 11/24/09)
é   Re: Sick WalMart employee with severely poor hygiene (Posted 11/24/09)
é   new terms (Posted 5/29/09)
é   what i'm asking is precisely (Posted 5/27/09)
é   Re: Attention All PFB Users - A Terms Of Service Update (Posted 5/27/09)
é   Re: No Biscuits for Lunch Time Rush at KFC! (Posted 5/24/09)
é   Re: Was Towing Really Necessary, Burger King? (Posted 5/24/09)
é   Re: Auto Gratuity Policy at Joe's Crab Shack is Not Clear (Posted 5/24/09)
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My Special Interests

é   Talking to the "media" about your experiences with key products
é   Being a member of the PlanetFeedback "Advisors Club
é   Periodically responding to customer satisfaction surveys about brands, products, or services
é   Authoring a dedicated blog or "column" on PlanetFeedback dedicated to a certain issue
é   Serving as a PlanetFeedback "mystery shopper" and periodically run spot checks on customer servic
é   Making myself available to companies for online or offline focus groups to help them improve products or customer service
é   I was a waitress for 18 years. I want to teach people to be good customers because i put up with a lot. Waitresses work hard for very little money and take way too much garbage off way too many people. I want to be a spokesperson for waitresses.

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