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Laura T.

My Companies

I've written letters to the following companies.
é   Clairol, Inc.
é   HSBC Bank USA
é   Lerner New York, Inc.
é   Citibank N A
é   Target Corporation
é   Kohl's Department Stores
é   Skintimate
é   Suave
é   Old Navy
é   La Quinta Inn

My Shared Letters

é   "New and Improved" Frappuccino--Not According to My Taste Buds! (Posted 4/18/10)
é   Clairol's Perfect 10 Gets a *Perfect 10* In My Book! (Posted 1/28/10)
é   HSBC, You've Just Earned a Loyal Customer For Life! (Posted 11/16/09)
é   Customer Service A Big Help At New York & Company! (Posted 11/3/09)
é   So, Citibank Cannot Verify Their Own Checks? (Posted 11/2/09)
é   Rebuilding My Credit With Target--Thank You! (Posted 7/8/09)
é   Customer Service Training In Needed at Kohls (Posted 6/23/09)
é   New Moisturizing Cream Shave--AMAZING! (Posted 5/19/09)
é   Converting From Salon Brands to Suave--Who Knew?! (Posted 5/19/09)
é   Surprising Experience at Old Navy (Posted 1/23/09)

My Comments

é   Charity. (Posted 4/23/10)
é   The original... (Posted 4/19/10)
é   Money... (Posted 4/19/10)
é   Saving money. (Posted 4/18/10)
é   Changing it back... (Posted 4/18/10)
é   Dangers of hair dye... (Posted 1/28/10)
é   Payment schedule... (Posted 11/17/09)
é   Bankruptcy... (Posted 11/3/09)
é   I did go to my own bank later on... (Posted 11/3/09)
é   Typo... (Posted 6/26/09)
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